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This is surprise I guess. This isn’t a movie which you would see on everyone’s best romance movies list. But this is one movie which showed what BEING IN LOVE actually means. I still can’t believe that a movie like this was a dud at the box-office.  How is it even possible to dislike sweetness?  Perhaps our tastes have become mediocre. Very rarely do you come across a film where the whole ensemble shines. Pannaiyarum Padiminiyum was one such film. It also showcased a very special bond – the emotional bond between a man and his vehicle. What if the vehicle had a voice? How would it feel and interpret the things happening around it.  I will let Padmini – the vehicle take over

Dear Master,

I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful household. From the moment I stepped into this house you have treated me as one of your own. I had no idea how our bond would influence the lives around us – the driver, his assistant, the way people go Wow whenever you take me for a ride are all moments I would cherish until I become an old trash. But you know what I would treasure the most. It’s the warmth that you share with your beloved wife. It is not every day you come across a couple who age so gracefully. The love that exists between the two of you is one transcends the barriers of time and age.  Thank you for showing me that it is possible to fall in love everyday over sweet nothings

  It was love that pushed you to learn how to drive me.  I still remember how you struggled to handle me the first time. But the driver wouldn’t give up. Neither would I for I have always yearned to see my king and queen take their rightful place in this humble abode.

It’s one of your wife’s simplest wishes. The joy that lights up her face when you drive me is a moment I have been waiting to see ever since I understood the depth of the love that exists between the two of you.

The two of you aren’t just made for each other. You are mad about each other the madness that has survived the test of time and the ever increasing grey hairs. I wish I could breathe to savour that air that relishes the breath of your love. I wish I was a living being to embrace you both and cherish the love.

Love it’s simplest form is pure ecstasy the kind of love that allows you to understand the depth of those smaller moments of happiness in your everyday existence.

I am hoping you would still treasure me as an old souvenir after I age. In case you decide to leave this world before I am hoping the one who takes your place treats me like you did.

With loads of love,

Your ever loving.

Premier Padmini.




Narcissistic transformations on the big screen are almost a norm. It’s almost like self – pleasure. The actor transforms himself the audience applaud but people around the actor become mere extras. It doesn’t matter if the eventual outcome is mediocre or if there are scenes where the fellow actor can shine. But in one way or the other even that space is taken away as the audience continue to wonder what went wrong.

The eternal wait for that one actor who can change things continue. An actor who can consistently prove himself by moving away from the limelight for a major part of the narration giving his co-stars they space they deserve. The audience watch in awe. If it’s just one film then the audience can dismiss it as an exception. But what if the actor does it again and again and again. The admiration grows. An admiration which eventually becomes a loveable obsession.

Act 1 – The Extra

The yearning for a tiny space in an inconsequential role. Is it the obsession for the arc-lights or a desperate attempt to make it work? Perhaps that’s how celluloid works. The yearning of a naked soul. The willingness to let celluloid take control and dress the actor the way it wants to. Perseverance rarely lets you down. The big break arrives.

Act 2 – The dawn.

Celluloid once again embraces an unconventional hero. The unique voice stands out in a horror show. A hero who almost fools the audience for a major part of the film. The first query of surprise – Who is this guy? The first glimpse of recognition. How about turning the first glimpse into a fixation by echoing the same sentence throughout the narration or fitting into a narrative which requires the actor to play his age.

Act 3 – The role of a life time 

He’s not a hero. He becomes one of us. He is Sumar Moonchi Kumar. We all are at some point in our lives. The average guy next door who wanders aimlessly until destiny directs us to where we want to be. 

Act 4 – Stepping Aside :

The hero becomes more and more aware of his space in Tamil Cinema. If Sumar Moonji Kumaru phase was all about the hero elevating an otherwise ordinary script Micheal was about stepping aside to let the ensemble shine. He plays the right hand man who becomes a sacrificial lamb. The pivotal point in the movie where Micheal dies and let’s his co-star walk away with all the accolades. The final say in the film belongs to the other guy. This wasn’t an exception it was trait he had nurtured in his earlier days as well as the driver who is possessive about the vehicle he drives. For a major portion of the film he let’s the older couple take over with their adorable chemistry. The film failed but this trait would stand the test of time and Andavan katalai would once again serve as glorious reminder as the hero plays second fiddle for the entire length of the film without too much fuss. Everyone around him shine and as the film draws to a close you realize he was there too almost as an invisible presence making a mark in his own unique way.

Act 5 -Makkal Selvan

 The hero becomes a permanent impression. He becomes Makkal Selvan, And just when you think how would this guy ever find a connect with the masses. He surprises you as the loveable rowdy and no nonsense cop. The angry stare and the twirling of the moustache as you watch in disbelief. Is it the same guy whom you had watched on screen over the past few years? The ardent fan who finds a voice when Rajini appears on screen has a new obsession.

Vijay Sethupathi!

Happy Birthday my Hero.




I never intended to post this one but the Memes haven’t stopped. What is so wrong with Vijay Sethupathi doing 8 films a year? The trouble is most top heroes do only 1 film a year making it an industry norm but have they been successful in delivering a quality product with that 1 film is a huge question mark. If that one particular film doesn’t work it’s a huge burden on the hero and his choice of films. Multiple films give a hero the required breathing space. 

There was a time before the late 2000’s when our top heroes did multiple films a year. It’s a prevalent norm in the Malayalam film industry where even Superstars do 4-5 films a year even today. Then why do we mock a hero who consistently delivers in his multiple avatars. Didn’t we love Vijay Sethupathi as the no nonsense cop in Sethupathi ?  Even in Iraivi he was impeccable as the prey in a flawed premise. Ka ka po saw him lift an otherwise ordinary film with his usual charm. Dharmadurai was all about second chances while the recently released Aandavan Kattalai impressed all of us with it’s inherent simplicity. 

Isn’t it time to celebrate an actor who has been versatile with his choices. There’s another facet which we conveniently ignore. Almost all his recent choices have an incredible supporting cast with some outstanding performances even by actors who fill in with small roles. It’s a welcome shift. At a time when we are conveniently falling prey to hero worship by celebrating mediocre films where the hero is the alpha and the Omega. Vijay Sethupathi has managed to break all the prevalent industry norms without being noticed.

Both Rajini and Kamal have constantly advocated the 4-5 films a year philosophy with KAMAL leading by example by completing films in 30 days. If a stalwart can do so why can’t the younger breed follow suit ?

Before you mock Vijay Sethupathi for his line up of releases. Let me remind you one thing Our Superstar Rajnikanth did 25 films in one year when he was at his peak. I see nothing wrong in an actor’s attempt to explore various genres and at the same time fill his pockets while at the peak of his powers.

You needn’t applaud him but atleast don’t try to pull someone who is trying.




After the disappointing Shaandhaar yesterday Naanum Rowdydhaan restored my spirits and my funny bones got tickled yet again. Vignesh Sivan seems to have got his intentions right from the very first scene. There’s not a dull moment in the film. From the beginning to end there are enough ROFL moments to keep the audience hooked. 

The plot – The protagonist’s hilarious attempts to become a Rowdy 

Vijay Sethupathi leads the stellar cast with a top notch performance after the awesome yet underrated Orange Mittai. His unique tone is a gift. It just elevates the whole film.  As a wannabe rowdy he just steals your heart.

Nayantara is just getting better and better with each film. Her second innings seems to be going in top gear with the right choice of films. If you loved her in Thani Oruvan. She’ll just mesmerize you in NR. She’s dubbed in her own voice too which is a surprise. Her name Kadambari has a special significance.  Watch the film to know why

Parthiban returns after a long time with an apt role which gives him ample scope to showcase his pluses. There are quite a few scenes where he steals the limelight from the hero. His trademark sarcasm lights up the proceedings in the second half.

Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Anand Raj  RJ Balaji, Mansoor Ali Khan and Radhikaa Sarathkumar all play their parts to perfection. The biggest plus in this great supporting cast is that none of them are wasted despite the limited screen time.

Vignesh Sivan delivers a winner with NR. Anirudh’s music is another plus. He delivers big time with some soothing love songs.

If you are looking for a serious thought- provoking film stay away for this might disappoint you. But if you are looking for a light, feel good film go for it.  It’s worth the 120 bucks spent.

After a long time I saw the whole theatre filled with echoes of laughter. 


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