Ah! How these people change. Just a while ago she was the adorable beauty queen – the star until a beast decided to commit the crime that every girl dreads. Her identity has changed. She’s an exile, an outcast. Her own kin refuse to recognise her. Was it her fault that the one who was supposed to protect her became her tormentor?

The one is supposed is supposed to be punished is walking free while she bears the wrath of the people who once adored her. A porn star walks with her head held high while she lives in isolation. The laws of land are too twisted to redeem her.

When will her cries be heard? Her cries for justice. Will she ever get back the life that was once her own. She vows to fight – Oh yes it’s a lone battle but she is not gonna give up without a fight.  She’s not the VICTIM she is the VOICE which needs to be heard