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What a journey it has been! April has just breezed past me. For a first timer like me it was a huge test. Two challenges – one post and I had to make it resonate with a wider audience. The only plan was to never plan. It was always one day at a time. Even If I had to leave mid way I would have done so without regret. Thankfully I managed to last the whole distance. 

I know for sure that I have made my mark. I have touched lives. That for me is my ultimate prize. As I always say awards don’t matter. People do. A heartfelt thanks to all those who encouraged me to take up the challenge. I am here because of them. Thanks to all readers who graced my space with their lovely comments.

I would like to conclude with a small thought ” Never let people tell you that you are a ZERO. Live your life the way you want to and prove that you’re a HERO”.  Remind those who criticize you that it’s just a difference of a single alphabet. A hearty congrats to all those who successfully completed the challenge. You are all heroes in your own sweet ways.

PS: Do grace my space for own last time with your comments. Make sure you leave your urls so that I can pay a visit.

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mother teresa

How do you felicitate someone who has devoted 75 years of her life to serving the Lord. What possible words could you use to describe her relentless pursuit. I still remember her commanding presence which shaped my initial years.She was my principal when I began my schooling. Of course we were never really on the same page. I still have fond memories of my frequent visits to her room. All my naughty pranks would eventually land me in her presence.

Over the years she must have gotten used to kids like me. She must have gradually lost count of the number of lives she had touched.Some people are like that serving as a silent inspiration day in and day out. No hype – No highlight just child like simplicity.

Here’s wishing her many more years of awesomeness as she continues to be a guiding light for all of us. Sister Bona – We all love you.

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I have come across people who repeatedly nod their heads like an automated robot allowing themselves to be bullied into submission. They neither question nor analyze the purpose of their existence. Even yours truly was no exception until I realized that my whole life was destined to be a miracle in motion.

Trust me it wasn’t easy especially for someone born with limitations. The words ” NO YOU CAN’T” seem to echo all around me. I had to stand up and fight for my identity. At times it was a lone battle but I wasn’t ready to give up.  It was time to say ” YES I CAN”. Needless to say life has been a bliss ever since I started questioning people’s perception of how they wanted me to be. 

It doesn’t have to be a YES all the time. At times you have to learn to say NO. It’s time to stand up and fight for your own ideals. It’s time to leave your mark the way you want to. It’s time to leave your footprints for others to follow.

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Ah! Here I come with our beloved X -Men. Is there anyone who doesn’t like the mutants. The franchise and the comics as whole gives a whole new meaning to our inherent deficiencies. No two mutants are similar. There is no black or white. Every character has its own shades of grey at various points in the story.  Every character has its own unique form and colour which defines the purpose of its exsistence.


In a way all humans are mutants too with their own unique abilities. Even those who are labelled as outcasts and misfits have their own space in this big bad world. What is perceived as weakness in the initial stages may well turn out to be the person’s greatest strength. Never give up just because the world laughs your weakness. It’s your life. Live it the way you want to.

Your turn will come when the world will applaud your uniqueness. Always remember no two humans have the same strength and weakness. You can never judge a fish by its ability to climb the tree. All of us are X – MEN with our own imperfections. Don’t fret over how the world perceives you. Just celebrate your uniqueness.

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How do I define Winning ? Is there a definite success formula ? Can it be measured in terms of money   Let me travel back to my own past. I was born with a mandate. No legs – No school. I was a glitch  Did I say glitch again ?  I love that word. There’s no other word which describes me perfectly. It was my identity for a better part of my life.

My first steps towards the school gates. That was my winning moment. I had braved the odds. I had twisted fate to get to where I am now. Every step which takes you to your destined purpose is your winning moment.  You don’t need the limelight to measure your success. You are a winner if you believe you can.

Let me quote a more famous example our hollywood heart-throb.Leonardo Di Caprio someone who grew up in the streets – the typical rags to riches story. How do you identify him now ?. His impressive line of work. Of course the Oscar seems to elude him. But that doesn’t mean he is not a winner. How many times have we applauded his impeccable effort on-screen. Eventually the Oscar moment will come. So will your share of the spotlight. You just have to keep doing what you do – the way you want to do it.

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Oh yeah I was the Villain – the antagonist whom everybody loved to hate. I was the terrible miscast in a perfect ensemble. I didn’t fit in with my peers.  I was a mistake,a glitch who was bound to fail big time. How do I prove them wrong ?  How do I turn my life around ?  How do I make my mark in this fast-moving world where everybody’s running a race ?

Why not be the perfect villain ? Maybe the role was my destiny.  I become the showman and a perfect one at that. Every possible hurdle was crossed. Did I hear the hands clap ?. The same hands that once tried to pull me down. The transition is complete. I see colours everywhere of varied dimensions. The darkness that once engulfed my life has disappeared.

The villain becomes the VOICE. It’s time for a fresh start. Time for the voice to be heard beyond boundaries. Time to fulfill the purpose.

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download (2)

An Umbrella. How do I weave a post ?  I travel back yet again.. It’s raining heavily. My feet are submerged in the waters. Oh God why today ? What was supposed to be my day had suddenly turned into a nightmare. Office calls yet again. Is it going to be like this the whole day I mutter and curse myself.. Oh wait I almost forget – My Umbrella – My constant companion be it heavy rain or scorching heat. 

u_thumb (1)

I press the button and it opens up serving as a relief from the heavy downpour. I look upward and thank  heavens or should I thank the Umbrella for reminding me that there’s always help around if your willing to look in the right direction. 

Our life is a lot like the Umbrella it’s good to open up every once in a while to people who really need your help. A shoulder to cry, a warm embrace, a hug or a word of appreciation. You never know what it might mean to the person in distress. It might just be spark the person needs to get back on track again. 

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Welcome to the world of Fairies. Of all the fairy stories Tinkerbell has a special place in my heart. She’s born a tinker but she never fails to explore. Her dream – to go the mainland with the other gifted fairies and see humans, Of course there’s the usual you can’t do echo from everywhere. She tries her hand at various things garden fairy,water fairy, light fairy only to fail miserably. It takes a whole lot of effort to find her true calling.


She realizes being a tinker fairy is a special gift. The lost things that she once found give her a shot at redemption. She finds acceptance and friendship. The voices that once discarded her as a mere tinker now spoke in awe of her gift as she becomes the saviour.

All of us are gifted and unique. Though not all us can be gifted as water or light fairy. Being a tinker is just as good. Always remember ” the stone that is rejected often becomes the cornerstone for the whole building”.

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It was a perfect end  to an incredible weekend.. That lovely smile. There’s nothing more divine and re-assuring than watching a kid smile. It’s love in it’s purest form filled with innocence and trust. How I wish I could just click the re-wind button and re-live my childhood yet again.


All those wonderful memories come rushing back.  A hug from Mom and Dad was all that was needed to make me break into smile. As we grow up we tend to let go of things that really matter even as our heart yearns for material pleasures. The innocence,trust is replaced by selfishness.  It’s win at all costs even if means pulling down the others.

All of us have goodness within us.  But as we grow up we tend to forget the very essence that governed the early part of our life. It’s  never too late to bring the inherent goodness out in the open. As my Dad once told me “ All that matters in the end is the number of lives you have touched


PS : The kid in the last photo is me.

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Who am I ? An outsider ? A glitch ? A mistake ?.. I search for answers but sadly the much needed clarity eluded me. It was a never ending list of questions. I decide to wear a mask, But after a while even that became a cliché. How do survive in a society which builds walls of perception all around you ?

R (1)

I wanted to soar but my wings were clipped. In a desperate attempt I turn to the divine. I see him smiling ” I have a plan boss. Trust me”. Did he actually speak to me or am I dreaming. I pinch myself.

Memories come flooding back – High school essays re-written my style, the English competition. I turn to blogging. The outsider finds his voice. The glitch finds it’s identity. it’s time to take off the mask. Time for the world to see the real me. It’s time for redemption.

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