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Ah finally it’s about her.. The one I admire. The one whose attention I desperately seek. All logic goes for a toss when I see her.. Is she the one..?  I am not sure. But I want to give it a try.

I can never forget the very first time I saw her. It was the usual training stuff at office. We were asked to introduce ourselves to each other. I wait for my turn ready to repeat the same boring introduction. And there she is like a newly blossomed flower. Nothing else mattered for one glorious moment. I watch transfixed as she starts to speak. Nothing’s been the same since then. There’s not been a single day when I don’t look forward to seeing her. 

Six months have passed since that eventful day. Day in and day out there’s just one burning desire to get to know her better and to somehow muster up courage and talk to her. It still hasn’t happened except for one accidental conversation on the lift when she said she knew who I was.

I wish I had the courage back then to start up a random conversation. To make matters worse I freeze every single time I see her.. My throat goes dry, hands shiver and my heart rises and as I said earlier everything goes topsy- turvey.

I have become like a film hero who conveys his feeling only during the climax. But atleast films have a climax Where is mine..? My story goes on like the never ending SINDBAD… Will there be some sort of divine intervention.. I do hope so.


( To be continued )







 It all started off as another usual Friday.. Me as always waiting for the day to end so that I can enjoy my weekend. And I was on my way to office blissfully ignorant of the events that were to follow. Something so simple yet life changing that it made me wonder…

I get off the share auto at my usual stopping – OLYMPIA. The clock strikes 1.20… Oh it’s almost time I have to rush to my floor. The usual last minutes thoughts brushing through my mind as vehicles buzz past me.

How am I gonna to cross the road. Where is the bloody policeman? I curse myself. I look around waiting for somebody to help. Isn’t there a soul around here who could actually empathize with my situation? I give up and get ready cross the road myself despite the rush.

And there she was gripping my hand firmly and saying “HOLD MY HAND FIRMLY”. The next minute or so was a gentle breeze.. I just did what she said trusting her words. We cross and she smiles that heavenly moment. Something so surreal that it left me in a daze.. I smile back and say “THANK YOU”. She just pauses for a moment and it seemed like eternity…And then her parting shot “DON’T MENTION WE SHALL MEET AGAIN” She waves and turns back to her destination as I move towards mine.

Honestly I have never seen someone like her.. Can a girl be this pretty and still have kindness in abundance? Was it merely an incident or was it sign from the almighty…? Was she my guardian angel.. ? Will I meet her again…? My gut feeling says I will and I am just waiting.

Maybe it’s God’s way of saying Even if ur on the BRINK JUST TRUST AND HOLD ON TO ME I will take you to your DESTINATION



Ever since I entered my new office premises things have turned out to be pretty good. People have been more than willing to reach out and help right from the first day till date. But it was one random act which happened a couple of days back which stood out. It was the usual dinner time at office and we were four in number 3 guys and a girl each having their own favourite dish among the dinner menu. I was having my own Poli and Poori with the masala.

The clumsy person that I was I had spread the Poori Masala across my plate instead of pouring it into the bowl which was specifically given for the masala. I started eating with the spread out Poori Masala and the empty bowl still on the plate.

It was then that the incident happened. The girl who was eating beside me stopped for a moment took the empty bowl from my plate and placed it on the table so that I could eat comfortably. It was an act so trivial and so random that I failed to realize what she had done at that moment.

It made me think. An act of kindness need not be huge even some small act of kindness can make someone’s day. When someone who needs your help. Do not hesitate. Just reach out and do what you can, for that moment might never come again.

Always remember the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray!.

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