PRIYA – The love of my life. I still remember my very first glimpse of her.  It was supposed to be an ordinary day at work. I was fretting over another argument with my boss as my mind voice mumbled “Oh no not again” and there she was like a freshly bloomed rose. Life was never the same again.

She was my trainee. Every single day was filled with moments to cherish. I never knew even anger could be so beautiful. She was quick learner too which was a relief. I had someone whom I could rely on, someone who could share my office responsibilities. 

Time flew and our relationship wasn’t just about work.  We shared common interests and I realized Priya was a mirror image of my own self.  The whole workplace could sense it. There were cold stares. I am not sure why? Is it such a grave mistake to fall in love? We didn’t care about the world around us. The only thing that mattered to me was that I loved her.

It was time to speak my heart out and I decided to do it with a gift which matched her surreal beauty. I had come across Stylori during one of my random web visits.  A brand which personified elegance. I frantically search through their entire collection and what a wonderful assortment it was. Picking one among many is a tough task. 

My hovering eyes finally settled on one item – THE HOLY TRINITY – A union. Nothing could be more apt than the HOLY TRINITY to signify a union.




The big day arrives and I wait for my precious with this precious gift. The doorbell rings. My angel in my own abode. I don’t give her a chance to settle down.  She opens the door and I am down on my knees. She senses it.

“I Love you Priya. Will you marry me?” Her eyes become moist as she responds “I LOVE YOU TOO SUJITHA”

This story is part of the Stylori blogging contest, Stylori where style, love and stories come together in beautiful jewellery.


This contest was organized by Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) of which I am a proud member.