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Shah Rukh  – The Lover Boy who never grew up.

Dear Shah Rukh,

We grew up watching you. You made us all fall in love even though you were playing different variations of the same role – Raj.  The songs, the way you made the ladies go gaga over your lover boy image made us watch you in awe.  And then Mohan  Bhargava and Kabir Khan happened.  Our excitement knew no bounds. You were trying to steer clear of an established image.  For those who were waiting to see different dimensions of the actor in you those two roles were an absolute treat.

We thought you would eventually move away from the lover boy image completely to transform into a fine actor. But you cheated us. Those two movies which gave us hope were merely false notes as you went back to playing type. Even at that point, Surinder was absolutely adorable. But everything beyond that point became a mess you have created for yourself.

You are no longer an irresistible box office force that you were back then. Bhai’s taken over that mantle with ease.  The perfectionist is very choosy and has gone global with a remarkable sports film and a certain Mr Kumar seems to have studied the tricks of the trade very well to balance commercial entertainers with that one remarkable film every year. He has turned himself into a producer’s darling.

None of them were this relevant when you struck box office gold with one film after another. But you have made them relevant with your fall. You are no longer the charmer we used to adore. You have turned yourself into a star who is so full of himself, a star who doesn’t give a damn about the changing preferences of his fans.  You seem to be playing Aryan to perfection while the Gaurav in us is dying a slow death. You seem to be stuck in a hole of self – obsession you have dug for yourself. Let me remind you that your fans have all grown up.  It’s time you do too. We no longer want to see an overgrown man play the lover boy again.

With Pain,

An ardent fan.



Dear Zindagi is one of the few Bollywood films which gets it’s title just right.  A big fat thank you to Gauri Shinde for making me fall in love with Shah Rukh again. Having adored him over the years I yearned for that one film which would help me re-discover my bond with the star.  Dear Zindagi is that film.

Dear Zindagi doesn’t overwhelm you with grandeur and star power. The only intention of Dear Zindagi to stir your soul with it’s inherent simplicity and the movie does that without too much fuss. While English Vinglish had  Sridevi who mesmerized us all with an astonishing comeback here it is Alia Bhatt who steals the show with her desperation and her vulnerability. The usual cuteness that epitomizes Alia Bhatt is there too in case you are looking for the chirpy version of our leading lady

The movie is a gutsy effort for a simple film might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But Shinde takes a gamble with a female protagonist and highlighting something which is rarely discussed in the public forum- TAKING CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. Not everybody bares it all. There’s a fear of isolation within each of us which makes us hide our fears, scars and insecurities. Dear Zindagi puts it out in the open asking us to let go of our fears.

I come back to Shahrukh again. It is absolutely delightful to see a star let of his aura and play the part with conviction. An understated subdued portrayal which hits the right notes.

Amit Trivedi’s music is a treat to our ears and Laxman Utekar’s lens gives us a calm, breezy Goa

Kudos to Gauri Shinde for giving us a sweet, feel good film to re-assure us once again that life is a gift to be cherished and treasured

Go for it if you like light, delightful, feel good films.

My Verdict 4/5




The trailer gave us a glimpse that Dilwale could be a boring senseless film but I decided to take the risk hoping that the film as a whole package would prove me wrong. I went in hoping to see Kajol – SRK chemistry instead I saw two worn out stars trying to fool us that the magic is still alive.

It is a pity to see two magnificent stars being forced to re-live a cliche. Both Shahrukh and Kajol are very much capable of delivering mature performances in roles that suit their age. I wonder why none of directors dare to explore and give them something challenging. Is it the fault of the makers or the actors ?

It is supposedly a Rohit Shetty film but his trademark comic elements are rarely visible except in a few scenes.  It is neither Rohit Shetty nor an SRK film and that’s where the film fails big time for even in a commercial film you have to know your target audience. This film fails both Rohit Shetty and SRK fans.

If you are wondering why I haven’t discussed the plot or the rest of the cast the less said the better. Rohit Shetty has a stellar cast at his disposal and completely wastes them. 

Strictly stay away even if you are a fan of the evergreen pair. If you do want to get nostalgic on a weekend catch their earlier films on DVD.  Rohit Shetty please stop torturing us and give us a film with a proper plot. You owe it to your audience.




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