make it 2

Let me start with a candid confession MAKE IT 2 wasn’t an easy book to review.  The book is a mess a sweet, funny, erotic mess. We have all come across triangles before. So what makes this one different?

On the surface it does resemble the usual love triangle we have all come across before.  But for me it was always about the choices and their resulting consequences. It is not often that a reader encounters two strong, independent female characters in a love story.  This uniqueness makes the whole plot work.

We have two women who aren’t afraid to face the consequences of their own choices. The hero fittingly plays second fiddle. A major plus is the tone which is cheesy and erotic throughout. To do so with minimal sex sequences is a commendable feat.

The book is only 150 pages which makes it a light, breezy read.  Make It 2 once again highlights the importance of a good closure. A bad finish can ruin a good plot. On the other hand if the author gives a fitting finale it can make the reader forget all the flaws in the plot.  Sharada Vijay does that with admirable ease.

The only negative is the local lingo. I always believe love stories have universal appeal. Usage of the local language might act as a hindrance when there is a very good chance of reaching readers in different states. Perhaps a page could have been allotted to explain the native terms.  

Pick this one up if you like light, breezy romance with a tiny slice of erotica.

Sharada Vijay – Best Wishes for your next book.

My Rating : 3/5

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