The trailer gave us a glimpse that Dilwale could be a boring senseless film but I decided to take the risk hoping that the film as a whole package would prove me wrong. I went in hoping to see Kajol – SRK chemistry instead I saw two worn out stars trying to fool us that the magic is still alive.

It is a pity to see two magnificent stars being forced to re-live a cliche. Both Shahrukh and Kajol are very much capable of delivering mature performances in roles that suit their age. I wonder why none of directors dare to explore and give them something challenging. Is it the fault of the makers or the actors ?

It is supposedly a Rohit Shetty film but his trademark comic elements are rarely visible except in a few scenes.  It is neither Rohit Shetty nor an SRK film and that’s where the film fails big time for even in a commercial film you have to know your target audience. This film fails both Rohit Shetty and SRK fans.

If you are wondering why I haven’t discussed the plot or the rest of the cast the less said the better. Rohit Shetty has a stellar cast at his disposal and completely wastes them. 

Strictly stay away even if you are a fan of the evergreen pair. If you do want to get nostalgic on a weekend catch their earlier films on DVD.  Rohit Shetty please stop torturing us and give us a film with a proper plot. You owe it to your audience.