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Dear parents,

 We love you and we will always be grateful for the way you moulded us till we could spread our wings. But why look at this bond as some sort of payback obligation. Why drive us to a point where we have to hide our fears and insecurities from you? Why do we have to seek solace in the embrace of strangers?

In an ideal world a parent should be the first go to person for a son or a daughter. But we are forced to wear a mask that you like.  We understand your concerns but beyond a certain point the same concern can suffocate and break us.

The burden of a society which overwhelms us with questions is already a little too much to bear.  The thought of constant ridicule for a perfectly sane choice almost drives us to the point of despair. We come home to relish in the comfort of your warm embrace. But our home too seems to be a mirror image of the plastic society.

We don’t blame you. There’s no blame game here but do learn when to let go and when to hold.  It’s alright if we fall while moving forward. Atleast the choice that led to the fall will be ours. When your hold tightens the frustration within leads to emotional scars that never heal.

We are unique individuals with our own choices and preferences. Don’t expect us to be replicas of someone else’s son or daughter.  We are not clones. Be there for us when we need you. No matter how hard you try to make for the years in isolation those stolen moments of happiness which we desperately yearn for will never come back.

With loads of love,

Your Son/Daughter















I yearn for you every single day.
I yearn for the love that bound us together.
But you deserted me when I needed you the most.

Perhaps I am really a misfit
The soul who does not deserve love.
The world loves me with the mask on.
But only you can see what lies beyond.

I yearn for the warmth of your touch.
Which filled my life like the early morning dew drops.
My steps become heavier with each passing day.
The pain refuses to subside.

Have I ever given up on love?
But the love that surrounded my life
Is vanishing with each passing day.

Love leads to hope or so I believed.
But your parting shot said it all.
Love also leads to the depth of despair.
Will you ever be mine?
Or was it all just a lie.

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