I am not sure where to begin or how to begin.  Seldom has the same film evoked conflicting emotions. Two days One Night puts forth some hard hitting questions. What would you do if your job depends on the empathy of your co-workers ? The film depicts a working women’s struggle for survival.

It’s an unfair world. There’s cruelty and cut throat competition. Is there room for hope and compassion?  Our work environment has often forced us to fall in line with the choices of top level management even if we don’t want to. The film subtly points out the pros and cons of the survival of the fittest principle.

The film is harsh and to the point. The directors visualize the struggles of a middle class family through the journey of the protagonist.  Despite the grim situation there’s a thin line of hope which runs throughout the film. Even if the family struggles for their everyday existence they are there for each other. There’s one conversation which aptly sums up the whole situation.

Wife: Doesn’t it bother you that we haven’t made love in four months. 

Husband : It does but I am sure we will do it again.

To me this single conversation was the key to the whole film even though the actual plot is completely different.  You can barely make ends meet but you cling on hoping things will turn out better. We all need that hope in small does to move forward. It is often said hope is a dangerous thing. But what is life if there is no hope. All you have is a void, a darkness which cages you.

I am a diehard fan of Marion Cotillard since La Vie En Rose but this is a special performance. You rarely see Marion Cotillard in there. It’s Sandra that you identify yourself with. The whole film rests on her able shoulders and she pulls it off with the ease of a stalwart. Fabrizio Rongione plays second fiddle with gusto. 

The best part of the film – It begins and ends with a choice,a strong bold choice. A choice which questions the authenticity of today’s working environment.

A gem from the Dardenne Brothers. A must watch for all those who love meaningful cinema. A french delight. Watch it with subtitles.

My Rating :11/10. Yeah u saw it right. I am so in love with the film.