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There was a time in Tamil Cinema when Illayathalapathy Vijay was the undisputed king of romance. It was an unconventional pairing which clicked for he didn’t have the looks or the charm that he has now. But it was a pairing which he worked where he explored every possible theme under the romance genre. When people say Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and unrequited love I am like have you guys even had one glimpse of that epic climax in Poove Unakaga. What makes this even more commendable was the fact that he was an actor with limited acting chops back then. His Lip sync to songs was almost like a murmur. But he grew as an actor over time but unfortunately Thirumalai happened and we lost out Vijay the romantic hero to Vijay the mass hero. The Vijay movie template came into existence and epics like Thirupachi and Sivakasi got made. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy some of his mass movies but my heart still yearns for the romantic hero that Vijay was.


This isn’t the end. This is just the beginning of a lifelong bonding between love and me. Some treasures are meant to be hidden. The world is blissfully unaware of what you mean to me. To them I have the lost my battle of love. But I have won you over in my world.

Sometimes winning isn’t a life time with your loved one. It is a life time filled with memories of your loved one. I am no longer a part of your world but you will always be a part of mine till my last breath.

There’s a constant battle within as I hold on to you but I cherish the win every day.  My heart isn’t yearning for you for you are a permanent impression within me. You are Me

I haven’t given up on you. I never will. You seek solace in a safer abode.  I promise you that our paths will not cross again but will always remain my destination.


My whole world is crumbling around me. There was a time in my life when I yearned for your presence every single day. It was a relentless yet hopeless pursuit. Our hearts never merged yet I was clinging on to love like a hopeless fool.

My desperate cry for a soul mate went unheard.  Cupid chose to remain a stranger even as I remained ignorant of the chaos around me. All that mattered to me was a single nod of approval from destiny.

I let go of life’s little pleasures for those few moments with you. My soul was repeatedly blindfolded as I held on to that tiny flame of hope within me but this fool’s pursuit has led me to the depths of despair.

It’s time to move on beyond the confined space. It’s time to see the world. It’s time to let go. The irony is love is chasing me today and is desperately clinging on to me but I have moved on. I have found redemption in an alternate universe devoid of love.





Will you ever forgive me my love My heart yearns to re-live those last few moments with you but death is knocking at my doorstep.  I am not a traitor. I never was but the mask that I wore was the only way I could reach out to you.

And before I could realise this mask became me. I was blinded by obsession and fear, the fear of losing you.  Nothing else seemed to matter as I relentlessly broke down every hurdle that threatened to separate us.

I knew the consequences. I knew one day you would see through the mask and peel it off layer by layer. But I was desperate to hold to you for eternity for I was hopelessly in love with you before you embraced the mask.

Forgive me my Love. I am not stranger or a traitor. Let me embrace death knowing that you  still love beyond the mask. It’s time to answer the creator’s final call.


Oh come back to me my love. My heart pleads for you. I agree I made a mistake. We all slip at one point or the other but we deserve a second chance at happiness.

You are moving away and I don’t blame you for I was a fool blinded by the materialistic instincts of the west. I merely saw you as companion until I realized your worth.  But now I see you as my lady love. I wish you could hear the voice of my soul.

Let’s welcome the little one together. It’s time to re-discover love. Let’s toss away the regrets of the past and move towards our happily ever after.

I promise to be a fool again. A fool who is hopelessly in love with the one who completes him.


I wish there was a way to open the mind’s eye for you see me differently whenever I open up to you. You see me as a stranger. But I am not the stranger you perceive me to be.

Here I am waiting for you with the perfect song but you still hold on to that one false note. Perhaps those lovely pair of eyes are a diversion for the moment you close your eyes you hold on me becomes firm There’s a renewed confidence that the stranger whom you once despised will take you to where you ought to be.

The mind opens and the false note disappears. The soul composes a lovely melody. Have no regrets for this stranger is still waiting for you. Let the eternal melody of love fill our life with love and joy.





We were cupid’s favourite children.  We were meant to be even before our paths crossed. But destiny took it’s time before we actually met. But the bond grew stronger day by day. We were inseparable.

But Cupid had other plans as we let ourselves to be blinded by our egos. An imaginary veil separated us. Friends became familiar foes even as we distanced ourselves from each other the soul was yearning for a union.

I am no longer prepared to wait. Let’s throw away the cloak of ego that threatens to separate us and find our own bliss in each other. Let’s fulfil cupid’s wish and fill his soul with lasting happiness.


I always thought I was the one for you. But I was wrong, You had a past, a lovely past in which you were the only one for them their guardian angel. I am not letting you go I am merely taking you back to where you belong.

I merely wanted a space in your world but you were willing to forego your fortress of love to pave way for my own. The princess was willing to become the wanderer. But I want you to wear your royal robe again. It’s your kingdom filled with subjects who adore you.

I want to see you rule their hearts forever and lf letting go will make you the rightful heir I will do that and more for the happiness in their faces means much more than our bond of love.

Perhaps this is love too. A love which will lit the flame of hope for future generations. A love devoid of selfish desires. A love willing to spread it’s wings beyond the two souls that forged it.

Ah! But the kingdom needs a prince too. It’s a blissful union built on the foundation of sacrifice and hope. It’s time to rule the hearts of our people together


Rhythm is a grossly underrated Vasanth Masterpiece.  If you look closely Rhythm is almost like an ode to his debut film Keladi Kanmani.  If you are watching Rhythm, it for the first time it might actually tire you. But the film does grow on you over time. The two leads underplay their roles with finesse even as ARR’s magic adds a different tone and depth to those meaningful pauses.

I will let Karthikeyan and Chitra take over as they write a letter to their loved ones in heaven.

Dearest Aruna,

I miss you even today but life has surprised me in a strange way. It has given me a chance to re-write my life the way you would have wanted. I guess this is the only way I can make it up to you for being oblivious to your fears while you were alive.

  I was too busy flirting with danger for the high that it gave was irresistible. I failed to see decode those unspoken fears. But destiny had given me a second chance to re-discover the life that you aspired for the two of us

She’s like the gentle breeze that stirs your soul when you go for a leisurely morning walk.  She fills my space with meaningful silences. Her presence fills my life with peace and fulfilment.  I have let go of the raging fire that was burning within. I have learnt to let go of grief and move.

There’s a new found thirst for love, life and happiness. I guess this is passion too of a different kind, the kind of passion that enables two wounded souls to look beyond the losses and move on in life.

I bet you are smiling from above as I move ahead in my new journey. Thank you being the most precious part of my memories.


                                                                                                        Your beautiful past.



Dear Srikanth,

It is often said our loved ones never leave us. I guess you are out there somewhere filling those invisible spaces with your re-assuring presence.  Our little one is all grown up now and we have a new home.

I have always been someone who has held back on emotions and life until you came along and showed me how to open up my heart to people. After losing you I retreated back to my shell until he came along.

Though I loved his warmth the past kept nagging me until the little one left me with no other choice. I had to embrace this stranger and make him my own. His grace and dignity has won me over as I follow your footsteps in embracing and living life to the fullest.

He holds my hand as we walk together and the firmness of his hold re-assures me that this is just the first step towards building a strong foundation of love.

                                                                                                   Your cherished memory.    






I have lost count of the number of times I have seen Mozhi and admired Radha Mohan’s finesse in dealing with a very delicate subject. Mozhi is a film which screams joy from Take One. It is a film about second chances. RadhaMohan makes us pause and reflect at exactly the right moments. In the surface it does seem like yet another love story between the two main leads but if you dig deeper there’s a lot to read between the lines.

Radha Mohan re-writes the famous catchphrase from It’s a Wonderful life in his own unique way “Even time the bell rings an angel gets it’s wings” becomes “Every time a bell rings love will bloom in your heart”.

 Archana and Karthik

He relishes music while she savours silence. Will the unconventional pairing work?  Only time will tell.  Her firmness is a trait which made him fall for her. He’s smitten. The fact that her world is filled with silence doesn’t matter for you need those small meaningful pauses and moments of silence to understand the depth of music.

Her world has changed.  It is filled with people who admire her for what she is. It is sweet and beautiful. She can open up for it’s her World. But will fate be kind or is there another twist?

OMG he’s managed to find her voice. It’s his Eureka moment.  He can’t wait to share this with her. He runs to her like an enthusiastic kid without realizing his blunder.  The first slip up becomes a catastrophe. Will he able to win her heart again?

She tought he was different. But they are all the same. Why did he seek to find my voice? If my silence doesn’t resonate with him he doesn’t deserve to be a part of my life.

With great effort he finds a space in her life again.  He’s managed to penetrate her silence and enter her world.  He wants it to be their world.  But she’s adamant.

An unknown fear grips her heart. For the very first time her wall of firmness breaks down.  She becomes fragile. There’s a tussle between the mask that she wears and her real self. There’s someone willing to open the gate of love for her. There’s someone willing to walk with her for the rest of her life.  But will it work out in the long run?  As the doubts begin to haunt her stream of tears take over, tears which wash away all her fears. She runs to him. It’s a new dawn.   It’s a perfect union in the presence of the Lord, The two souls become one.

Viji and Sheela :

He’s known her for quite a while.  The fact that she was able to come to terms with a horrible past move on and play a vital role in forging a bond between Archana and Karthik astonishes him. She creeps into his heart almost like an invisible presence.

The moment of revelation should have stunned him but it makes him and reflect. Almost all of us have a million untold stories within. A shabby past waiting to be re-written, the constant pressure of having to fit in a society filled with ridiculous norms. But we continue to resist the pressure and dare to dream of a better future. He has no second thoughts. There are meant to be.

 She sees him differently. She seems him as someone who challenges her to dream of a different future. He challenges the norms that exist. He breaks all the barriers with a simple proposal Beyond the initial shock his joy resonates with her. He doesn’t fuss too much about the next step. It’s instantaneous and gratifying. It’s gonna be a fun ride

  Karthik and the Professor.

My world has been the same for quite a while.  People laugh and I don’t know why. Sometimes ignorance is bliss It’s ok if the world has moved on beyond Azharudddin but I love my world as it is. My wife’s tears are almost inconsequential.

Oh wait there’s a stranger out there who seems familiar. He’s not a stranger. He’s my son.  Look at my son he’s all grown up.  How many times do I have to tell you to come home early? You are a little too late but atleast you have come home. I love the slippers that you gifted me. I wasn’t there when you grew up but you are constantly watching over me. The roles have reversed.  I am the child now.

Why are you so persistent? The mess within is clearing up.  A stream of tears has just broken down the wall of ignorance. My wife’s tears begin to make sense.  It’s time to let go of the past. It’s time to renew the bond I had with my son in a different way.  




Mani – Ratnam and love go hand in hand. From Pagal Nilavu to Ok Kanmani he has consistently re-defined love in a million different ways. But there’s one film we all love to re-visit again and again – Mouna Ragam. 

The beauty and splendour of Mouna Ragam lies in how it deals with the conflicts that cage the human mind.  A marriage has to be a union of two souls, but more often than not when you enter into a forced marriage the uncertainty of having to share your space with a stranger in the dark leads to turmoil and chaos. Who is he?  How did I even end up like this?  Do I even deserve this?  Questions galore even as you yearn for a breathing space.

On the other side there is a partner who is eager and willing to wait it out. He’s prepared to wait it out but how long can he hold on. Will he able to hold long enough to welcome her into his life or will it be too late?

She adamantly holds on to the scars of her glorious past. Her past had a stranger too but he was different.  The stranger was one of life’s glorious uncertainties.  He showed her the splendour of love and pain of loss.  A loss which made her go back into a shell.  The free spirit is no longer visible.

Time flies and the tables turn.  He’s done waiting. Giving her the freedom that she desires and moving away seems like an easier option than having to spend the rest of his life with a soul that does not resonate. It’s time to take that final call. It’s time for a decision.

Time is a strange companion. Her world is different now as she discovers a soul yearning for love. The stranger who seemed like an invader has lit the flame of love yet again. He is no longer a stranger. He’s her man.  But he’s waiting with an ultimatum, an ultimatum which promises freedom. But she wants him. Nobody can free her spirit like he does.

The final moments with him, he’s walking away from what was meant to be. Dear destiny let him be mine. Why can’t he see through the illusion that blinds him? It’s a blunder.

Oh wait!  he‘s coming for me to hold my hands and promise me an eternal journey of love. Time does freeze at the right moments as the two souls merge into one even as Illayaraja’s magic takes over leading to a fitting finale.








Dear parents,

 We love you and we will always be grateful for the way you moulded us till we could spread our wings. But why look at this bond as some sort of payback obligation. Why drive us to a point where we have to hide our fears and insecurities from you? Why do we have to seek solace in the embrace of strangers?

In an ideal world a parent should be the first go to person for a son or a daughter. But we are forced to wear a mask that you like.  We understand your concerns but beyond a certain point the same concern can suffocate and break us.

The burden of a society which overwhelms us with questions is already a little too much to bear.  The thought of constant ridicule for a perfectly sane choice almost drives us to the point of despair. We come home to relish in the comfort of your warm embrace. But our home too seems to be a mirror image of the plastic society.

We don’t blame you. There’s no blame game here but do learn when to let go and when to hold.  It’s alright if we fall while moving forward. Atleast the choice that led to the fall will be ours. When your hold tightens the frustration within leads to emotional scars that never heal.

We are unique individuals with our own choices and preferences. Don’t expect us to be replicas of someone else’s son or daughter.  We are not clones. Be there for us when we need you. No matter how hard you try to make for the years in isolation those stolen moments of happiness which we desperately yearn for will never come back.

With loads of love,

Your Son/Daughter















I yearn for you every single day.
I yearn for the love that bound us together.
But you deserted me when I needed you the most.

Perhaps I am really a misfit
The soul who does not deserve love.
The world loves me with the mask on.
But only you can see what lies beyond.

I yearn for the warmth of your touch.
Which filled my life like the early morning dew drops.
My steps become heavier with each passing day.
The pain refuses to subside.

Have I ever given up on love?
But the love that surrounded my life
Is vanishing with each passing day.

Love leads to hope or so I believed.
But your parting shot said it all.
Love also leads to the depth of despair.
Will you ever be mine?
Or was it all just a lie.



Take 2 – A beautiful reminder that life is all about taking chances. I loved this book for one simple reason. Ruchi Singh takes a predictable plot and makes it work with her wonderful narrative style.

The first few pages give you an indication of how the story is going to progress. But the urge to turn the pages doesn’t stop. It’s a simple one line plot of how two hesitant personalities find solace in each other. 

The author doesn’t complicate things too much and keeps the tone light and breezy. It is an engaging battle of opposites. The protagonists are surrounded by likeable individuals who add their own colour to proceedings. 

 There’s warmth, friendship and love it’s wonderful cocktail to engage the reader.  And then we have self-centred former husband and the ever jealous colleague who provide the much needed spice towards the very end. 

A major plus is the clear character sketch. Each character in the plot is well defined  Go for it if you are die-hard romantic at heart. This lovely tale might re-affirm your faith in love yet again. It is a wonderful lesson on how to hold the reader’s attention with a simple plot.

My Rating 4/5 






Ah finally it’s about her.. The one I admire. The one whose attention I desperately seek. All logic goes for a toss when I see her.. Is she the one..?  I am not sure. But I want to give it a try.

I can never forget the very first time I saw her. It was the usual training stuff at office. We were asked to introduce ourselves to each other. I wait for my turn ready to repeat the same boring introduction. And there she is like a newly blossomed flower. Nothing else mattered for one glorious moment. I watch transfixed as she starts to speak. Nothing’s been the same since then. There’s not been a single day when I don’t look forward to seeing her. 

Six months have passed since that eventful day. Day in and day out there’s just one burning desire to get to know her better and to somehow muster up courage and talk to her. It still hasn’t happened except for one accidental conversation on the lift when she said she knew who I was.

I wish I had the courage back then to start up a random conversation. To make matters worse I freeze every single time I see her.. My throat goes dry, hands shiver and my heart rises and as I said earlier everything goes topsy- turvey.

I have become like a film hero who conveys his feeling only during the climax. But atleast films have a climax Where is mine..? My story goes on like the never ending SINDBAD… Will there be some sort of divine intervention.. I do hope so.


( To be continued )







“Love never lets you down only people do”.  More often than not love is the singular emotion that holds us together despite the chaos that surrounds our life.  Namrata presents an interesting mix of stories that resonate with love. 

As I turned the pages I found a common thread which connected all the plots.  At some point in our life all of us wish to re-discover the spark that once defined our very existence. The plots re-assure the reader that love paves the way for hope and fulfillment.  

Love isn’t complete without a slice of hope. It is here that Namrata scores. She gets the point across with a lot of depth.  At times you have to drench yourself with love to enjoy it. I re-read the book until I fell in love with love again.

The language and intent is crystal clear which deserves a huge thumbs up. Even the chopping is done to perfection.  A badly edited book makes me cringe even if the story is good. 

I finished the book with a lovely smile on my face. For once I felt like a superhero who had found his secret weapon. Thank you Namrata for making me believe in love yet again. 

Highly recommended for all the romantic souls out there.

My rating 4/5

PS: I loved the lines which precede each journey of love




full just you me secret cover

Love – The universal emotion which binds humanity together. All of us have our own distinct way of showing our love. Some are delightfully expressive. There are times when love helps us to re-visit our past to forge a happy future. Just You Me and a Secret is one such story.

The plot – A protagonist who wakes up not knowing who she is ? A blank past haunts her with only Clara for company.  Who is Clara ? Did she have a role in shaping Meera’s forgotten past. you will have to read the book to find out ?

My new found crush has literally swept me off my feat. No I am not talking about another damsel in distress. It’s these books with smaller,compact story lines. Just You Me and Secret is one such book with barely 120 pages.  It’s a brisk read from start to finish. The best part is it keeps you guessing till the very end.  A promising debut by a talented female writer.

I loved the pace of the story. There wasn’t the usual unnecessary detailing. Sometimes too much detail can hamper the flow.  The only negative in an otherwise engaging plot were the rushed film like portions which could have been avoided.

A good first step into the world of publishing for the author. Hopefully the next one raises the bar even further.

Good luck.



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