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Dear Gayathri,

I find it very difficult to pen the right words. It’s been that kind of a night. I would have dozed off happily in my cozy bed after a magical evening. But I have been drowning myself in an ocean of tears ever since you took the stage.

Your narration moved me. It made me realize that some scars never heal.  Re-living those moments which has transformed you into what you are isn’t an easy task. But you did it my girl. The scars have actually moulded you and it’s absolutely alright to move forward the scars.

Did I hear you say that the people around you called you a drama queen? It’s alright. Be the best drama queen ever.  Be unapologetic.  Be selfish in surrounding yourself with people who can make your life beautiful. A little bit of selfishness never hurt anybody.

The next time you feel that the people and the circumstances have caged you break free and fly away. Be shameless in going for what you want for you deserve the best. Stand up to the negative forces that ill treat you even if it comes from the people who love you. You deserve to fly high.  I won’t ask you to stay strong for there is an inherent strength within that you fail to see. You are destined for greatness.  You have the power to inspire people.

Keep fighting! We are with you. Thank you letting us have a glimpse of your life. It takes a lot of guts to do what you did yesterday. Keep doing it again and again for there’s a whole crowd out there waiting to be inspired by your story.

With loads of love,




It is not very often that you find a person who juggles so many passions with ease. Sharada – the humour queen, the chatterbox, the writer. At times I wonder if there is anything this girl cannot do. Oh wait there is one thing she cannot keep her lips sealed for more than a minute. 

My first introduction to the Amy Poehler of CBC was just days before her first stand up comedy act. I guess this is called the Almighty’s sense of timing. I just left her a small note wishing her the best for the gig. Our friendship began with that tiny good luck wish.

She was a puzzle atleast to me. As always I wasn’t sure. The usual doubts that creep in at the beginning of every friendship haunted me again. She surprised and startled me. It is not very often that people warm up to me without knowing my back story but here was someone who has willingly volunteered to be a lovely part of my life. I was desperately searching for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Beyond the daily dose of humour and our everyday conversations my heart still yearned for answers. One fine day she opens up with her own story.  A story which touched my soul. I realized we had a strong common connection. We were both survivors striving to make a difference. 


It is often said that people with a terrific sense of humour often have untold stories within that helps them re-discover themselves as comedians and comediennes. Sharada is a wonderful example on how to transform beyond life’s hard struggles.

She has a wonderful page too – Soul Scribbles filled with stories that will stir your soul and make you fall in love again.

I am eagerly waiting for her first book MAKEIT2 . Best wishes for the journey ahead.




It’s time to salute

The man who inspired millions

You inspired us to dream

You inspired to hope

You inspired us to challenge the norms

You inspired us to look within and re-invent ourselves.

You were the face of humility.

You were the living example of the word “Inspiration”

Miss u would be an understatement.

But we move forward with hope

To build a better nation

To walk on the path you laid out for us.

Great souls never die.

Only the body fades

The soul lives on till the end of time.

Sometimes I wonder why you

Perhaps God too needed a tiny dose

Of the wonderful qualities that made you






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I rarely come across a kid whose life is filled with achievements and accolades. I just pressed the pause button and looked back at my own journey. What was I doing when I was her age?  I was just scratching my head not knowing what to do.  A life without a purpose or aim and a lot of self-pity for what I couldn’t do. 

She’s a YOUNG SUPERSTAR. I keep reminding her that almost every single day. Her passion for reading astonishes me. Her drive inspires me. Discovering your passion during the turbulent teen years is a boon. I am glad I know one such person.

I have just glanced at the caterpillar. There’s anticipation, hope and excitement. She could just turn out to be one of the most colorful and brightest butterflies nature has ever seen. There’s a rare spark in her and I wish it keeps glowing as she moves along.

Sometimes you learn so much from people younger than you. They inspire you in ways that you can never imagine. She’s one of them. Keep going girl. I am so proud of you. Dream big for the world is yours.

PS: I did re-discover my own passion before I lost my way. 


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This space was supposed to be filled with a review of her first book “YOU ME AND A SECRET”. Having read the book I can say without a shadow of doubt that she deserves all the accolades for a wonderful start as an author. But she deserves a pat on the back for something else.

I do not know her on a personal level. The only common connections between us are “NAMMA CHENNAI” and CBC until the issue happened. Her plot was plagiarized by a so called reputed author a shocking real life situation which would have pulled most of us down. But she stood for what is right. She chose to take a stand and that meant more to me than her 120 page debut.

 It took me back to my school days. I was denied a seat in a reputed school for the flimsiest of reasons – I was differently abled and don’t belong with the normal kids. Right from that point till today I have been fighting against the society’s ill conceived perceptions. The initial days were a little hard. I surrendered meekly to the whims and fancies of the so called society. Over the years I have managed to fight back and take a stand and it’s given me my space in this big bad world.

 Ganga’s stand against plagiarism gave me an important life lesson ” Never be afraid to stand up for what is right. It doesn’t matter how mighty your opponent is or how tough the battlefield is fight your battles the way you want to“. Thank you Ganga for re-affirming my faith in my own convictions. You are a rock star. Waiting for an impressive follow up.







Like all good things in my life Shruti was an accident. She’s a prodigy in every sense of the word. A soul destined for stardom. I never knew a pen could have so many shades. There’s something so soothing about her randomness.  Her quirkiness excites me. Perhaps all is not lost. The best part – Her words takes me back to my own glory days.

Oh yes I was a prodigy once – The star kid who could weave magic with his words. “You have a very rare gift my boy don’t ever lose it” Somehow those fleeting moments of fame fade into oblivion. I lose myself in the big mad race

Years roll by – OMG what have I done. I gave up the one thing I loved the most just to fit in. Gladly sense prevailed and it was a re-start. The words kept flowing but I missed the good old days. In other words I was struck somewhere in the past.

And then Shruti happened. Every time I read her words my eyes become moist. She seems more like a younger version of me from the other side. Her musings give me hope. It also serves as a wonderful reminder of how awesome my own life has turned out to be. Perhaps the chaos was essential to give me a sense of clarity. You can never re-write your past but you can always use your present to shape your future.

Shruti here’s whooshing you best for what is to come. I repeat what was once said to me “You have a gift. Don’t ever let it go”. 

PS: Even my brother doesn’t read me.






That’s my secret captain. I am always angry”. This is one sentence which aptly sums me up. Perhaps my fury was justified too. More often than not I saw my anger as an answer to people’s perception about me. Yet again this 21 year old kid proved me wrong.

SALESH do you have any idea how awesome you are but there’s a major flaw which holds people back from reaching out to you. Your anger – when you unleash it drives people away. Don’t get me wrong. Anger is a good thing but too much of anything isn’t.  It’s time to let the right people come back to you”

Once again I listen with wonder. There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing your world through a young one’s eyes. Their curiosity never seems to diminish. I guess that’s what gives their thoughts a fresh perspective. It’s time for a change, time for a calmer version of me.






How would you react when a 21 year old kid gives you little glimpses of how awesome life is. My first reaction – SHOCK. Nobody ever talks to me like that in a tone which left me speechless.

It was one of those nights when I was rambling about my so called weaknesses. Perhaps the self – loathing was tiring her.  Her reply was curt, to the point and felt like a tight slap. “STOP IT. IF U THINK YOU ARE WEAK IT WILL STOP YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. So never give me all these filmy self- pity dialogues”. Where the hell did that come from?

I was in a daze. It took me two whole days to recover. I wish I had been this level-headed when I was her age. She’s one of those priceless gems you rarely come across. She can be your girl next door one moment and transform into something entirely different when you least expect her to. 

Sample this “Just because someone’s bad to you it doesn’t mean you have to react the same“. This wasn’t an advice just part of a random everyday conversation. She wasn’t supposed to be part of my life either. It was an accident with a purpose.

The best part – She never hesitates to lend a hand when I need one. Despite all her profound thoughts she still remains the girl next door blissfully ignorant of her impact in my life. I guess some friendships happen for a reason. She’s one of life’s little miracles inspiring me day in and day out




I have always believed that people come into your life for a reason – some to teach you lessons, others to give you the much-needed push to pursue your goals. I bumped into Aarti the day I was supposed to quit blogging. Yes you heard me right I was ready to give up on my passion. The reason – my magic finger refused to co-operate. Echoes of you can’t even type then how do you intend to pursue writing began to haunt me yet again. Even the limp which had hardly bothered me till then seemed to trouble me. I was preparing for an alvida but I got a renewal instead.

Here was someone who was busy chasing her dreams breaking every possible social norm along the way. I have always loved people who don’t fit into the pre-conceived notions of the so-called society. Aarti was one such person. Aarti’s presence served as welcome reminder of my one true purpose – to touch lives.

Despite all that she has achieved thus far she has a good head on her shoulders. A genuinely warm soul with a lot of positivity. She has that infectious energy which can touch you like the tiny dew drops.

Needless to say it was a restart with renewed energy. The magic finger still hurts at times but I am never going to stop. I am not sure if I will be able to last the whole distance but I am not going to give up without a try.

When the journey is long you need people to give you a hand along the way. Aarti’s done just that with her inspiring presence. The fact we hit it off instantly was a pleasant surprise for I don’t usually open up to people unless I trust them completely. I guess some friends are just meant to be. As much as I admire Aarti – the author it’s Aarti the person who inspires me day in and day out.

Aarti Venkatraman – You are a rock star. Just keep going.


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