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“Love never lets you down only people do”.  More often than not love is the singular emotion that holds us together despite the chaos that surrounds our life.  Namrata presents an interesting mix of stories that resonate with love. 

As I turned the pages I found a common thread which connected all the plots.  At some point in our life all of us wish to re-discover the spark that once defined our very existence. The plots re-assure the reader that love paves the way for hope and fulfillment.  

Love isn’t complete without a slice of hope. It is here that Namrata scores. She gets the point across with a lot of depth.  At times you have to drench yourself with love to enjoy it. I re-read the book until I fell in love with love again.

The language and intent is crystal clear which deserves a huge thumbs up. Even the chopping is done to perfection.  A badly edited book makes me cringe even if the story is good. 

I finished the book with a lovely smile on my face. For once I felt like a superhero who had found his secret weapon. Thank you Namrata for making me believe in love yet again. 

Highly recommended for all the romantic souls out there.

My rating 4/5

PS: I loved the lines which precede each journey of love




AT 3

2015 has turned out more like a horror movie thus far. A year filled with sickness, self doubt and isolation. The frequencies of my rants have increased. 2015 was supposed to be my light at the end of the tunnel but it seems like a never ending messy ride.

Should I quit? There were too many questions with hardly any answers. It was then that I decided to rewind the clock and have a glimpse of the lives that made a difference, lives that changed the pattern of existence of this big bad world. It seemed the only plausible solution to my supposed chaos.

They all had one common trait. Neither of them gained acceptance and recognition when they started their journey.  They were ridiculed, isolated and posed a threat to the existing norms of the society. But still they never gave up. It was always about the purpose and not about the people. It was relentless pursuit of excellence.

The human race has always been conditioned to accept pre-defined set of norms. Those who yearn to break the norm will always find it difficult. But it is only when the norms are challenged a new ideology is born.

It’s time to begin again with renewed hope. It’s time to do what I do best – touch lives through my words. Next time you feel like giving up just because of lack of acceptance. Remember these lovely words ” Sometimes it is the people who no imagines anything of are the ones who do the things no one can imagine“.

AT 2











Writing can be a blessing in more ways than one. It can help you connect with people who share the same values, ideals and passion towards their goals. Gayatri is one such person. Her blog sparkles with optimism day in and day out. I am someone who believes optimism can be a never-ending habit and hence there was an instant connect with her words.

She taught me that optimism can be infectious and till date I sprinkle my posts with hope no matter what the topic of the post is. People call me an inspiration which I feel is an exaggeration for I merely replicate what I learn from my wonderful blogger friends.

Gayatri was a pleasant surprise very much like the boy in the lift. She is the only blogger friend who doesn’t address me by name while having an informal conversation and l like it that way. She brings back memories of the days gone by when life resembled a bunch of roses.

I continue to cheat death on a daily basis. I am on an eternal battle for survival. I am not sure whether I would get my perfect finale but as long my life is surrounded by people who spread optimism I will continue to fight.

Gayatri Aptekar – Though I admire you as a person,friend and writer there’s something else which sets you apart from the others. To me you will always remain a lasting impression of all the good things in life – a symbol of hope and cheerfulness.

PS: The joy of conversing with a blogger friend in my mother tongue – just priceless



I wasn’t having a particularly awesome day. It was a day when a bunch of morons triggered my anger. I was fuming. The reason – the way I am physically had once again become an object of ridicule. Where did these people get their degrees from? Didn’t they teach something called courtesy at school?

Why is the fact that I am different so much of an obsession for people around me. For once I feel lost and helpless. It is your workplace hence you fight back at your own peril. I chose to remain silent with the anger still within me.

The clock strikes 9. I let out a sigh of relief. Let me get back home and have a good sleep. The lift opens. The usually crowded lift is unusually empty. It’s me and the labour boy the one who cleans up the restrooms and our leftovers while eating. He’s tiny about 18 – 20 years of age. He looks fragile and tired from a hard day at work.

The lift starts moving down. For me those few minutes seemed like eternity. The boy suddenly blurts out something unexpected and sweet “Sorry boss don’t mistake me I feel inspired seeing you”. That is all he said and gave me a royal salute with a smile.

Suddenly my whole day turned upside down. The smile returned back. I was beaming again. Let the morons go to hell. I have a purpose – to make a difference and touch lives and I will continue doing so till my last breath.




My team

There is a reason why a DAD is still the best man in his daughter’s life. He’s given me my best lessons on how to stand out among the crowd and be different. He was there always until Alzheimer’s happened.

I admit it’s been hard but I view it as a chance to give back. Maybe it’s God’s way of asking him to re-live his childhood again. His once agile mind has now become an empty space. It’s my turn to be the mother. It’s more like a role – reversal. His lust for words has not diminished though.

I wonder how someone who forgets those around him still retains his passion for writing. It’s God’s hand at work. Every time I show him something written by SAKSHI aunty or SID uncle his face brightens up like a child who has just tasted a delicious bar of chocolate. He sets off on a trip down the memory lane.

They were my team mates” he shows off proudly. His grip on the faded Project 365 photo tightens as he recollects how his journey as a writer began. Therein lies the key to unlocking his dormant mind the key to opening the doors of hope.

I am not done with him just as yet. There’s no known cure for Alzheimer’s but greater miracles have happened. I’ll wait unit he takes his first steps again. I am not giving up until I have my DAD back and someday we will read my first book together.

PS: This one’s based on a true story. I have just twisted it to give a personal touch



I keep scratching my head… Should I go random for the A to Z challenge or should I go with a theme. Sometimes random posts can be jolly good fun. You write what comes to you instinctively and more often than not the right words always flow from the heart. This is my first foray into a challenge of this magnitude. I jump in not knowing if I can travel the entire distance. Maybe I can with a little help from my blogger friends.

It’s good to have a certain method to the randomness I guess. I search for inspiration taking yet another step towards fulfilling a long cherished dream. It is then I come across a poem penned by a fellow blogger. It echoed my thoughts and the thoughts of many fellow bloggers. The theme suddenly strikes me like a flash of lighting.

EUREKA! I get my theme It’s the theme of my blog as well. I looked everywhere but the answer was staring at me all the time and so here goes my theme for the challenge.



Ever since I entered my new office premises things have turned out to be pretty good. People have been more than willing to reach out and help right from the first day till date. But it was one random act which happened a couple of days back which stood out. It was the usual dinner time at office and we were four in number 3 guys and a girl each having their own favourite dish among the dinner menu. I was having my own Poli and Poori with the masala.

The clumsy person that I was I had spread the Poori Masala across my plate instead of pouring it into the bowl which was specifically given for the masala. I started eating with the spread out Poori Masala and the empty bowl still on the plate.

It was then that the incident happened. The girl who was eating beside me stopped for a moment took the empty bowl from my plate and placed it on the table so that I could eat comfortably. It was an act so trivial and so random that I failed to realize what she had done at that moment.

It made me think. An act of kindness need not be huge even some small act of kindness can make someone’s day. When someone who needs your help. Do not hesitate. Just reach out and do what you can, for that moment might never come again.

Always remember the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray!.

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