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Working Girl is one of the best films to capture the aspirations, trials and tribulations of a middle class working woman. There’s something inherently beautiful about Working Girl. It lifts me up every single time I watch it and my mind wanders off to a different premise ” The Devil Wears Prada” which was nothing but a glossy re-vamp of the Working Girl with Meryl Streep and Ann Hathway filling in for Sigourney Weaver and Melanie Griffith.

The premise questions the values that govern the aspirations of the working class through Tess McGill. How long do you remain a silent bystander? When do we take ownership especially if the boss treats you like an invisible being.  The ultimate triumph of the film lies in making us root for Tess despite the fact that she could be morally wrong.

Sigourney Weaver plays the most sinister version of the horrible boss that we all hate and she does with so much style and poise. It is Katharine’s ruthlessness which makes the viewer empathize with Tess. It’s more a case of Katherine being wrong than Tess being right.

And then there’s Harrison Ford playing second fiddle to the ladies. Our Indiana Jones macho man tones it down a notch to let the ladies take over. Yet the finale rests on his then young shoulders and he pulls it off admirably well. To all those souls who drool over Harrison Ford. Go watch him in this one and you will not be disappointed.

The end is gratifying. The makers make you yearn for the light at the end of the tunnel moment and when the light finally shines the sense of joy is unmatched. This film is a perfect watch for all those lovely souls who feel overshadowed at work. Go for it for you are the WORKING GIRL and not Tess.





Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Review

 star wars

First things first – It’s a good film but not the kind of film which would make me go WOW. When George Lucas first took up Star Wars it was a novelty the audience were being treated to something which they have never seen before. But this version kind of had sameness to it.

When u re-boot a franchise for a newer generation the first film of the franchise becomes very important. It should first be a good stand alone film for the audience to comprehend the proceedings. The Force awakens fails in this regard. Star Trek was a much better reboot with a lot of emotional quotient.

The best thing about this film was Harrison Ford’s charisma. He has this quality of making franchises work with his screen presence alone and yes he will be back for the next film. One more thing which works well is the passing of the legacy of star wars to all new cast. Hopefully a better star wars film next time.

Watch this on the big screen once if u have never watched star wars in theatres before. Check out George Lucas’s theatrical versions on DVD to fully understand the vision of the great film maker.

My verdict 3/5

I would prefer George Lucas’s Version over this one any time.

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