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Ah it’s that time of the year again. Time to celebrate a redemption. Time for Easter Eggs and┬ácakes. Nope I am not gonna to deliver a sermon. I guess most of us would have had our turns at a homily last night and today morning. I am just gonna to leave you all with a tiny message.

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This is a festival which has no precedent. On the surface it looks like magic. But there is a deeper meaning if your prepared look within. It celebrates renewal of the spirit. It gives us a message of hope and change. It showed us that a single spark is enough to ignite a whole race.

Look within, take one step at a time and renew yourself every once in a while. Never ever give up. You will definitely have your shot at redemption. All you need is a tiny spark.

Happy Easter! Wishes to all at home. Celebrate, have fun and keep your worries aside.