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I was always a fan of Vidhya – the writer even before we knew each other.  As a writer, there’s  no greater joy than stumbling upon someone who can articulate things perfectly.  Over the past year, my mornings were mostly filled with re-reads of her posts. Of course, she wasn’t the only one. I have my own set of writers who are my solace when I fall short of ideas.  But I thoroughly enjoy reading Vidhya’s write-ups. I can sit back on a lazy morning and read through Vidhya’s post just to enjoy and admire her wordplay.  For almost a year I was merely a fan and it was absolute fun.

Ironically the writer became invisible once my timeline showed “You are now friends with “. For a while, I didn’t know how to react. The write-ups were missing and I found it very hard to form a connection or a bond. Fortunately, destiny had other ideas. It gave me a chance to know Vidhya the person a lovely soul who can be strong and vulnerable. She is someone who can lighten my otherwise serious day with her hilarious antics. She’s a welcome breath of fresh air in a mundane routine. All you have to do is to talk to her to realize how unintentionally funny she can be.

She taught me a very important lesson in splitting an artist and their real-life persona. More often than not we tend to evaluate a writer based on the way their words resonate with us.  In some cases, the words do reflect the writer’s personality but in most cases, it’s an interesting split where you have to draw the line between the reel and real.

Having known her for quite a while I am more in sync with Vidhya the person than the writer. A young teenage girl full of hope and dreams.  I am curious to see how life unfolds for this bundle of joy.  A little more faith with regards to the people in her life despite the ups and downs should work in her favor in the long run. What is life without a little faith and loads of love? People often say love happens for a reason. Friendships happen for a reason too.





That’s my secret captain. I am always angry”. This is one sentence which aptly sums me up. Perhaps my fury was justified too. More often than not I saw my anger as an answer to people’s perception about me. Yet again this 21 year old kid proved me wrong.

SALESH do you have any idea how awesome you are but there’s a major flaw which holds people back from reaching out to you. Your anger – when you unleash it drives people away. Don’t get me wrong. Anger is a good thing but too much of anything isn’t.  It’s time to let the right people come back to you”

Once again I listen with wonder. There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing your world through a young one’s eyes. Their curiosity never seems to diminish. I guess that’s what gives their thoughts a fresh perspective. It’s time for a change, time for a calmer version of me.






How would you react when a 21 year old kid gives you little glimpses of how awesome life is. My first reaction – SHOCK. Nobody ever talks to me like that in a tone which left me speechless.

It was one of those nights when I was rambling about my so called weaknesses. Perhaps the self – loathing was tiring her.  Her reply was curt, to the point and felt like a tight slap. “STOP IT. IF U THINK YOU ARE WEAK IT WILL STOP YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. So never give me all these filmy self- pity dialogues”. Where the hell did that come from?

I was in a daze. It took me two whole days to recover. I wish I had been this level-headed when I was her age. She’s one of those priceless gems you rarely come across. She can be your girl next door one moment and transform into something entirely different when you least expect her to. 

Sample this “Just because someone’s bad to you it doesn’t mean you have to react the same“. This wasn’t an advice just part of a random everyday conversation. She wasn’t supposed to be part of my life either. It was an accident with a purpose.

The best part – She never hesitates to lend a hand when I need one. Despite all her profound thoughts she still remains the girl next door blissfully ignorant of her impact in my life. I guess some friendships happen for a reason. She’s one of life’s little miracles inspiring me day in and day out




Writing can be a blessing in more ways than one. It can help you connect with people who share the same values, ideals and passion towards their goals. Gayatri is one such person. Her blog sparkles with optimism day in and day out. I am someone who believes optimism can be a never-ending habit and hence there was an instant connect with her words.

She taught me that optimism can be infectious and till date I sprinkle my posts with hope no matter what the topic of the post is. People call me an inspiration which I feel is an exaggeration for I merely replicate what I learn from my wonderful blogger friends.

Gayatri was a pleasant surprise very much like the boy in the lift. She is the only blogger friend who doesn’t address me by name while having an informal conversation and l like it that way. She brings back memories of the days gone by when life resembled a bunch of roses.

I continue to cheat death on a daily basis. I am on an eternal battle for survival. I am not sure whether I would get my perfect finale but as long my life is surrounded by people who spread optimism I will continue to fight.

Gayatri Aptekar – Though I admire you as a person,friend and writer there’s something else which sets you apart from the others. To me you will always remain a lasting impression of all the good things in life – a symbol of hope and cheerfulness.

PS: The joy of conversing with a blogger friend in my mother tongue – just priceless



I have always believed that people come into your life for a reason – some to teach you lessons, others to give you the much-needed push to pursue your goals. I bumped into Aarti the day I was supposed to quit blogging. Yes you heard me right I was ready to give up on my passion. The reason – my magic finger refused to co-operate. Echoes of you can’t even type then how do you intend to pursue writing began to haunt me yet again. Even the limp which had hardly bothered me till then seemed to trouble me. I was preparing for an alvida but I got a renewal instead.

Here was someone who was busy chasing her dreams breaking every possible social norm along the way. I have always loved people who don’t fit into the pre-conceived notions of the so-called society. Aarti was one such person. Aarti’s presence served as welcome reminder of my one true purpose – to touch lives.

Despite all that she has achieved thus far she has a good head on her shoulders. A genuinely warm soul with a lot of positivity. She has that infectious energy which can touch you like the tiny dew drops.

Needless to say it was a restart with renewed energy. The magic finger still hurts at times but I am never going to stop. I am not sure if I will be able to last the whole distance but I am not going to give up without a try.

When the journey is long you need people to give you a hand along the way. Aarti’s done just that with her inspiring presence. The fact we hit it off instantly was a pleasant surprise for I don’t usually open up to people unless I trust them completely. I guess some friends are just meant to be. As much as I admire Aarti – the author it’s Aarti the person who inspires me day in and day out.

Aarti Venkatraman – You are a rock star. Just keep going.


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