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There is a reason why a DAD is still the best man in his daughter’s life. He’s given me my best lessons on how to stand out among the crowd and be different. He was there always until Alzheimer’s happened.

I admit it’s been hard but I view it as a chance to give back. Maybe it’s God’s way of asking him to re-live his childhood again. His once agile mind has now become an empty space. It’s my turn to be the mother. It’s more like a role – reversal. His lust for words has not diminished though.

I wonder how someone who forgets those around him still retains his passion for writing. It’s God’s hand at work. Every time I show him something written by SAKSHI aunty or SID uncle his face brightens up like a child who has just tasted a delicious bar of chocolate. He sets off on a trip down the memory lane.

They were my team mates” he shows off proudly. His grip on the faded Project 365 photo tightens as he recollects how his journey as a writer began. Therein lies the key to unlocking his dormant mind the key to opening the doors of hope.

I am not done with him just as yet. There’s no known cure for Alzheimer’s but greater miracles have happened. I’ll wait unit he takes his first steps again. I am not giving up until I have my DAD back and someday we will read my first book together.

PS: This one’s based on a true story. I have just twisted it to give a personal touch




Where do I begin? How do I describe my only hero? My eyes become moist even as I pen this down with a heavy heart.

My Dad was a hero in every sense. Everything I am today is because of him. He was the sculptor who moulded my life. He had taught me things which even 20 years of education couldn’t. He was the real thing. I am a mere impression. He taught me UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. He taught me the art of GIVING. He gave me my NO DEMANDS- NO EXPECTATIONS principle which still holds well.

He was a living example of the popular saying “NO DREAM IS IMPOSSIBLE”. Who would have thought an ordinary fisherman’s son would become an inspiration for many. He knew how to give without expecting anything in return. There are many people who say but they don’t do but my Dad lived by his words.

He was someone who lived life king – size. We were the typical middle class family with a modest income. But that didn’t deter him from enjoying life’s everyday pleasures. He never said no and gave us everything we wanted. When I hear people say “WE HAVE NEVER SEEN A PERSON LIKE HIM” my eyes beam with pride. It is a signature of a life well- lived.

I have heard people say I have a large heart. I guess it runs in the family. There were times when I used to wonder how someone can have so much inherent goodness within.  When he knew someone needed help he would be the first to reach out. The vast gulf in status or social position never seemed to bother him when he wanted to help someone.

It’s been four years since he left us but his spirit lives on even as I try to pass on the values that defined him to the all the loved ones who surround my life. 

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association



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