Eureka! What a relief. My story thus far – A life filled with muddled choices and I don’t seem to fit in. For starters I am a cripple (OMG even my walking isn’t straight). Sometimes I seem alien to my near and dear ones. I am not exactly that well settled when compared to my peers. Not that I care – just saying.

And the search for my princess let me just say it’s been a long and tiring wait but constant murmurs just don’t seem to go away. Why is he still single? Will any girl marry this buffoon?  He isn’t husband material.  No comments – I choose to ignore.

I have long wondered why I don’t conform. Maybe there’s a pattern within the existing chaos. I try to look within but the answer that I need comes from the outside. I am not alone there’s a whole crowd out there the so called rebels, non-conformists fighting it out to find a space of their own in this big bad world.

Even Christ was a non-conformist. Yeah you heard me right. He didn’t abide by the laws which existed during his time. He created a new law born out of the covenant of love. I guess everybody knows happens in the end. He just shook the existing world order.

I may not change the world like he did but I have definitely touched a few lives and I intend to make a difference to a few more before I breathe my last.

As for the princess story I still dream of her as my knight in shining armour- For now it’s just a dream. Someday a girl might just come along- someone who can make it a perfect partnership of rebels. And no I don’t desire hundred years of togetherness. Every moment we spent together should be filled with love happiness and fulfilment that’s all I ask. Just a tiny wish that’s all.

I am a DIVERGENT and I am proud of it.