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pasanga 2

There was once a kid who was so curious to see the world that he jumped out of his mother’s womb in 7 months. Perhaps too much curiosity isn’t good for the kid forgot how to walk. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy no regular school would admit him. But the parents weren’t going to give up. “He’s gonna to walk and he’s going to a school which would take him in”.  There hunch was right for the child blossomed far beyond their own expectations.  That kid my dear readers is the one who is writing this review.

I shudder to think what would have happened if my parents had actually bowed down to society’s pressures. Perhaps I would have also become part of the mad rush. I didn’t even go to tutions. My parents would say ” Learn it your way for the marks don’t matter”

Pasanga 2 takes a delicate subject and presents it with the required dose of humour. What would happen if the parents burden their children with unrealistic expectations ? Pasanga 2 provides a tiny glimpse into the world of children and how to embrace the kids by being a part of their world.

Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Vidya Pradeep and Ramdoss play the part of anxious parents to perfection. Suriya and Amala Paul light up the screen with extended cameos. The music by Arrol Correli  suits the mood of the film.

But the real stars are the two kids Nishesh and Vaishnavi who play the hyper-active kids with absolute ease.

Pandiraj comes up with a winner once again.  Kudos to Suriya as a producer as well. Give you child what they actually deserve not what you think they deserve. I am not sure if the movie will hit the jackpot at the box-office but this is one film which deserves to be seen.



Ah! Finally Dhanush returns with a movie which caters to the masses. After experimenting with critically acclaimed (but not commercially viable ) movies Dhanush makes a grand comeback with his 25th movie. Right from frame one it is evident that the movie is made with sole intention of highlighting Dhanush in a hero-oriented vehicle and he carries the film on his strong shoulders.

The plot – An unemployed youth’s blood, sweat and hard work is snatched away from him. Will he be able to fight the big fishes in his field of work ? You have to watch the film to find out.

The first half plays out like a standard Dhanush template – the unemployed youth who earns the wrath of his father, the naive mother. We have seen it all before but still end up rooting for the protagonist. The second half is where the heroism takes over.

Samuthrakani impresses as the caring father so does Saranya as the doting, naive mother. The chemistry between the lead pair is fresh and likeable. Vivek makes a mark with his mild humour after a long gap. The only minus – the meek villains who appear as mere caricatures.

Anirudh delivers with his signature tunes. The claps in the theatre are testimony to his growing popularity.

Velraj takes on the ever burning issue of unemployment and adds a commercial flavour to it. A very good first attempt.

VIP – An apt commercial entertainer for the masses.








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