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KALYANA SAMAYAL SAADHAM – Another underrated Prasannsa flick – An unlikely quest by the groom, the pre-wedding bliss and confusion and the diversion at the end for a charming finale had me hooked from beginning to end and that facebook song is one of my all time favourites .


How do I prove to you that I am your man?  I wasn’t ready for this unlikely quest. The hormones are working overtime even as time is running out. I want to hold your hands and re-assure you that things are going to be fine but the muddle within isn’t clearing up.

What if I mess up on the big night?  Is there a way out? I hope so for I want you in life as an eternal impression. I want to you as the sweetest foe that there could be. I want you as a friend to share and re-live those happier moments together.

The mess is clearing up. I see a future filled with sweet nothings and happier memories.  Perhaps being a man isn’t always about the big night. A journey with your loved one is much more than that. It’s all about standing by each other’s side through thick and thin.

Let’s move beyond the chaos and treasure the inherent simplicity of a blissful union. Let’s travel to a world which has only you and me. Let’s start over with a simple friend request.


This is a surprise. I was ready for the desserts. Even if the dinner isn’t good the desserts more than make up for it. But you have just treated me to a hearty meal.  Sometimes real life can be sweeter than fiction.

I wasn’t sure until that moment. I was all set for the grandeur. A grandeur which wasn’t my choice. It was thrust upon us even before we were ready for each other. But sometimes the unlikelest diversions lead you to where you want to be.

Even as the world was busy preparing for my partner in crime my heart yearned for something more. Luckily for me the partner moved away and you came into my life. I will treasure this moment forever the moment I found my best friend. Is there a greater gift in life than having a best friend who comprehends your wish list and secret desires?

I am glad I found you my dear bestie. You are the man of my dreams.


PS: It’s the grand finale tomorrow with a forgotten romantic hero of the 90’s. A hero whose films were synonymous with love and romance. A hero who explored every possible theme within the genre.  He was unconventional.  He wasn’t even a chocolate boy yet romance was his forte until… Who could be? Keep guessing while I come back tomorrow.



7G Rainbow Colony – One of the most poignant love stories to ever unfold on the silver screen. The usual undertone of misogyny prevails here too but you forgive those lapses as the film moves towards the actual message it intends to convey.  The latter half of the film especially the finale is sheer poetry on screen. Selvaraghavan has that inherent gift of switching the dynamics of the sexes as and when he wants to at different points in his narration. This is a personal favourite because of the sub plot between the father – son. Maybe if Dad was alive he would have been mighty proud of where I am today.  


I love you. I have said this many times before but this time those three words have a different meaning. Those 3 words signify the purpose of my existence.  I did force my way into your life without second thoughts for I knew nothing about the ways of the world. I was content on being ordinary. I was content on being a filthy unholy mess.

I had no idea that my clingy nature and impulsive reactions would shake and transform the core of my existence.  The moment your heart said yes you began to touch my life in a hundred different ways holding on to that faintest glimpse of hope.

You gave me my alternate universe. It isn’t my universe anymore. It is ours. It is a universe which transcends time and space to decode the language of the soul. It is a universe which paves the way for the divine union of the soul.

Love can make a woman do strange things.  It can transform a filthy unholy mess like me into a holier than though. I would be lying if I say I miss you.  I don’t for you are in me. YOU ARE ME



Some NOW and FOREVER stories are meant to be different. There was a time when I hated your presence. Don’t blame me for you weren’t an easy choice. It wasn’t easy to find my way through the mess that you actually were.  But now I am mighty proud of how you have moulded yourself for us.

I don’t credit myself for the change for I only lit a hidden spark. You did the hard part of BEING THE CHANGE. I relish the new you day in and day out. I see a future for us in our own lovely world.  I do agree my body decided to break up with me a little too soon but then our love story never meant to be ordinary.

I love the constant hide and seek we play with the rest of the world.  Don’t worry they will never find us together for eternity.  We are happy and safe in our own little world.

Don’t yearn for our re-union just yet. Don’t stretch the barriers of time. There’s a lot of unfinished business back home. I will be there by your side guiding you throughout the journey. And when the journey is done I will call you to the other side for our own HAPPILY EVER AFER



I was critical of Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum when it came out. I still am.  Nalan changes the context of the pivotal scenes in the movie by re-writing it for the Tamil Audiences. It made me cringe. Perhaps it is our fault too for we have never been warm enough to embrace the bold and the beautiful.  Looking back the re-written scenes look like a minor blemish for Nalan retains the eternal beauty of those unspoken words in a stunning finale. I desperately hope that Tamil Cinema does more of this where love transcends the boundaries of language and retains the subtleness of the one emotion that has reverberated on celluloid over the years – Love


I am where what I want to be. It is often said life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes the weirdest of choices lead you to your destination.  In my story the choice was an aimless wanderer who wanted to be the king. To him it was his moment of redemption but to me it was merely a false note for beyond the noise of his empty dreams I saw a heart willing to embrace the beauty and stillness of life

His role in my life was a constant question mark until he disappeared. This untimely twist didn’t shock me for he had unknowingly moulded me into a stronger person. I was prepared for his exit for he had given me everything I wanted.

Do I miss him? While there’s a constant tussle between the brain and the heart as I struggle to answer this question the permanent impressions of the mind  seem to suggest that he is a constant invisible presence.

Destiny is a charming intruder. It can flip the pages of your past and re-write your present and future when it wants. I see him again sans the noise as our hearts converge.  If all those muddled choices could lead to this moment I will take it for it’s a rare win for both of us. A win that will linger as our bond grows over time.

I am where I want to be!


Where am I?  Why does this destination seem oddly familiar? It’s Her again. It is often said Time and Tide waits for none but in my cause Time seems to have paused to bring her to me. I know not what the future but seeing her again is a pleasant surprise. The struggles of past didn’t seem to matter anymore for I love this moment.

Who am I to her? A stranger a companion, an Eskimo dog or the solace that she desperately needed.  I guess I have been all of this to her at some point. Her presence washed away all the regrets of the past. A past which reminded me how naive I have been in seeking a kingdom which wasn’t mine.

My world is flawed as I see a lot of wannabe kings screaming for my blood. I wish I could tell them that their pursuit is hopeless. Blood never gives you the redemption that you seek. Love does.

I see through my chaos and decode her voice. A voice which calls me to the other side, the side of hope.  I no longer wish for the aura my past.  It’s all washed away as we cross paths again. I guess this is my moment of redemption. This was our moment.

I am where I ought to be!






I hated Sillunu Oru Kaadhal when it released. On the surface it seemed like a tale of two marriages and I was too young to grasp the depth of it’s finale. It is a fitting example of what a mesmerizing finale could do to the audience. I wonder why the movie’s director hasn’t got his share of the limelight yet.


Ever since I got hold of his diary there was an overwhelming urge to make his unfulfilled wish come true. The consequences didn’t matter for I loved him more than I loved myself and giving him what he deserved seemed like the right thing to do.

I was ready to give up on the one thing that I loved the most. I thought a re-visit down the memory lane would fill his soul with fulfilment.  But an unexpected miracle happened.    

My whole being is beaming with joy for I now realize he is mine alone. You were a cherished memory but I am the “NOW” and the “HAPPILY EVER AFTER OF HIS LIFE”. I am the permanent impression of his future.

Thank you for your words of re-assurance. I promise you that he’s safe with me till we breathe our last.


My dear sweetheart. I wonder what made you do this. You left us alone to re-live our moments but heart reverberated with only one voice “ KUNDHAVI, KUNDHAVI KUNDHAVI.

I had let go of her from the moment I fell in love with you.  She was just a forgotten past but you are my present. In those few moments together I was finding it difficult to let go of the look of desperation in your eyes when you left us alone.         

All I wanted to do was to hold you again and tell you that you are my world . You, Me and our Little One is all that I want now for this is our home.    My heart no longer yearns for what could have been my alternate universe. My heart yearns for the universe which could rejuvenate our ever growing bond of love again and again.                                                  









Rhythm is a grossly underrated Vasanth Masterpiece.  If you look closely Rhythm is almost like an ode to his debut film Keladi Kanmani.  If you are watching Rhythm, it for the first time it might actually tire you. But the film does grow on you over time. The two leads underplay their roles with finesse even as ARR’s magic adds a different tone and depth to those meaningful pauses.

I will let Karthikeyan and Chitra take over as they write a letter to their loved ones in heaven.

Dearest Aruna,

I miss you even today but life has surprised me in a strange way. It has given me a chance to re-write my life the way you would have wanted. I guess this is the only way I can make it up to you for being oblivious to your fears while you were alive.

  I was too busy flirting with danger for the high that it gave was irresistible. I failed to see decode those unspoken fears. But destiny had given me a second chance to re-discover the life that you aspired for the two of us

She’s like the gentle breeze that stirs your soul when you go for a leisurely morning walk.  She fills my space with meaningful silences. Her presence fills my life with peace and fulfilment.  I have let go of the raging fire that was burning within. I have learnt to let go of grief and move.

There’s a new found thirst for love, life and happiness. I guess this is passion too of a different kind, the kind of passion that enables two wounded souls to look beyond the losses and move on in life.

I bet you are smiling from above as I move ahead in my new journey. Thank you being the most precious part of my memories.


                                                                                                        Your beautiful past.



Dear Srikanth,

It is often said our loved ones never leave us. I guess you are out there somewhere filling those invisible spaces with your re-assuring presence.  Our little one is all grown up now and we have a new home.

I have always been someone who has held back on emotions and life until you came along and showed me how to open up my heart to people. After losing you I retreated back to my shell until he came along.

Though I loved his warmth the past kept nagging me until the little one left me with no other choice. I had to embrace this stranger and make him my own. His grace and dignity has won me over as I follow your footsteps in embracing and living life to the fullest.

He holds my hand as we walk together and the firmness of his hold re-assures me that this is just the first step towards building a strong foundation of love.

                                                                                                   Your cherished memory.    






Mani Ratnam’s Alaipayuthey  is one his finest and daring films to date. For most of us who grew up in the late   90’s parental consent was the norm.  Films repeatedly re-assured us that everything would be bliss when you enter wedlock with the consent of your parents. Even in films where the lovers choose to rebel the film would usually close out promising a happily ever after or a gloomy finale where the lovers breathe their last together. But Mani Ratnam takes it a step further and throws all caution to the winds by exploring the life of two rebels after they have made a choice. The choice isn’t an easy one and neither are the consequences. Mani Ratnam walks the tightrope and aces it admirably well aided by some stunning visuals and extraordinary music.


Ah! It’s you again my sweet devil I almost feared losing you forever. Thankfully destiny had given me a second chance to woo you again.  I know you have been searching for that guy who fell head over heels in love with you ever since we tied the knot. You know what I have been looking for that guy ever since we promised each other a happily ever after.

I wasn’t ready my dear. I wasn’t ready for the consequences of a serious commitment. I forgot that the choice we made wasn’t your choice or mine. It was OUR CHOICE. Ideally we should have renewed our bond of love day in and day out but we grew out of love. Instead of cherishing those sweet nothings we fell prey to the everyday hassles of a married life.

Perhaps we both wanted the easy out. We aspired to find the same carefree spirit which brought us together without fully understanding and evaluating our similarities and differences. Instead of helping each other find ourselves we chose to suffocate each other.

Thankfully I see you differently today. I love you and promise to hold on to you till time bids farewell to you. I promise to hold on to you despite our differences. I promise to hold on to you through thick and thin. And it’s not just a promise I make to you alone. It’s a promise I make to myself to right the wrongs of a perfectly sane choice. Your search for the guy who loved you ends here.


I yearn for you again. Perhaps all the slip ups we have had so far were just a bad dream. For a long time I was under the illusion that I had made a mistake by letting go of the loved ones who brought me up. I forgot the days when I desperately yearned for your presence.

We let go of the things which brought us together and promised ourselves a path filled with roses without fully comprehending the depth of what transformed You and Me into US. I know it’s not going to easy to re-discover love again but the firmness with which you hold my hand gives me hope of a brighter future together.’

Welcome back my dear. It’s feels good to see you again.  I thought I was struck forever with a stranger who barely knew me. Thankfully the stranger had disappeared to leave us alone.  This time you are left with no choice but to accompany me on this bumpy road filled with roses and thorns. But I promise you that you won’t regret it for I love you more than I have ever loved you.




Azhagiya Theeye –  I guess this is a surprise too. I know we rarely reflect on this film when it comes to romance but for me it’s an eternal favourite as Radha Mohan takes a detour from the usual romance movie template. In fact for most of the film love appears as a mere footnote to the aspirations of the protagonists. But a charming and delightful finale helped me re-visit the film with a different perspective. The film colours love with a different shade – The shade of dignity. The kind of love that is nurtured within, the kind of love that grows as you learn to hold on and see through the dreams and aspirations of your loved one.

I love movies which reflect on the movie industry, a dignified romance, Prakash Raj’s extraordinary cameo and one of my fav songs – Vizhigalin Aruginil make this a compelling watch.

What if Chandran and Nandini decide to write a Letter to each other? How would it be?. Here we go.

Dear Nandhini,

We have come a long way. Celluloid celebrates me as one of the finest story tellers of this era. But is there a more compelling narration then our own. Neither of us planned for each other’s presence but a hurriedly made up lie made sure that you were thrust into my life. I wasn’t prepared for this role that life had scripted for me.

A forced role doesn’t mean I had to sulk and play along. Why not re-write the script and give wings to each other’s aspirations and I am glad we made that choice together for I needed someone to come home to. A friend and a well-wisher who can help me learn and unlearn things.

Though I loved your presence my heart always yearned for that first big break in cinema. It was a struggle. But as I was struggling for that elusive chance the first seed of love was sown

The seed of love began to nurture itself within as I looked forward with hope.    I wasn’t prepared for the moment of revelation. I didn’t know that letting go of you would be difficult.

Thankfully we opened our hearts in that one elusive moment of magic. A frreze frame moment to be cherished for eternity the moment when my celluloid imagination had a perfect marriage with real life anecdotes of happily ever after.

 It made me realize one thing. You don’t plan on falling with a love with a person for love will make it’s presence felt when you least expect it. Thank you for being that one constant.

Your ever loving



Dear Chandran,

Your letter made me jump with joy. Who writes handwritten letters these days but that’s what makes you different. There’s a certain charm in the way you remind me of the old school values of the heart.

It brings back fond memories. It brings back memories of Murthy. What a fine actor he would have been if he was alive but some untold stories lend a greater depth to our own narration of life.

There was a time when I feared marital bliss which translated into a stern No but surprisingly ever since you barged into my life I have dared to dream of a brighter future as an independent soul.

I love the way you give me the space to fulfil my dreams and it’s been that ever since we first shared a space together. It helped us forge an identity and find each other.

Thank you for this timely reminder. I will re-live these words every time you are away on shoot.


Always yours,




Kandukondain Kandukondain – A film in which Rajiv Menon borrows the essence of Sense and Sensibility and dresses it up with natural splendour, subtle nuances and soul-stirring music to give us a refreshing lessons on life, love and second chances. In hind sight the two pairs are caged souls yearning to break free.  The sense of fulfillment when they find each other eventually paves way for the freedom that they seek.

Major Bala

Oh my lady love! Here I am waiting for you with open arms but you seek solace elsewhere. You yearn for the raindrops while I seek comfort in the early morning sunshine. I know we are two extremes struck at the opposite end of the spectrum but I am willing to wait.

I cherish your excitement for you have shown me the splendour of hope. I know I am boring. But there’s more to me than what meets the eye. I wish you would open your mind and decode what lies within. I know it will take time but I am willing to wait.

I can see through your veil of strength. The core that is within the veil is breaking down. Oh let me come to you and fix the broken core. Let me be your knight in shining armour.

I am smiling now for I see you yearning for the sunshine after soaking your soul in the rain. Your soul is drenched with fear and despair. Let me show you the way back to hope again.

You are the best thing that happened to me since the war. The tables have turned. You are ready to hold my hand but I fear that I might fail you. It’s a war of a different kind. But your firmness wins me over. Let us fill our souls with sunshine.

Oh my lady love let’s find an alternate meaning to the usual clichés of life together.


Thank you!

Thank you for being my pause button. I am running around searching for my first big break I forgot to sit back and reflect on what could be done differently to earn my moment of glory. Don’t blame for fate hasn’t been too kind.

They have a template for what for would work and I am unable to tell them that their pre-defined rules cage me. I have a different perspective. I want to break free of the stereotypes and the clichés.

Your strength astonishes me. Destiny constantly ridicules you but you refuse to break down. It’s remarkable and inspiring. The ease with which you go around doing what needs to be done despite the hurdles is the one trait that drew me to you. Thank you for being my pillar of hope.

My first big break arrives and I am yearning to win back my queen. Don’t go back to shell after standing by me through thick and thin. I admit I made a mistake but we all slip up at one point or another. It was a desperate last attempt. Don’t be a prisoner of fate after doing everything you can to break free. Let’s start over and begin our journey. Let’s start our first take of love with a splendid shot together.

Thank you for being my lucky charm!






This is surprise I guess. This isn’t a movie which you would see on everyone’s best romance movies list. But this is one movie which showed what BEING IN LOVE actually means. I still can’t believe that a movie like this was a dud at the box-office.  How is it even possible to dislike sweetness?  Perhaps our tastes have become mediocre. Very rarely do you come across a film where the whole ensemble shines. Pannaiyarum Padiminiyum was one such film. It also showcased a very special bond – the emotional bond between a man and his vehicle. What if the vehicle had a voice? How would it feel and interpret the things happening around it.  I will let Padmini – the vehicle take over

Dear Master,

I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful household. From the moment I stepped into this house you have treated me as one of your own. I had no idea how our bond would influence the lives around us – the driver, his assistant, the way people go Wow whenever you take me for a ride are all moments I would cherish until I become an old trash. But you know what I would treasure the most. It’s the warmth that you share with your beloved wife. It is not every day you come across a couple who age so gracefully. The love that exists between the two of you is one transcends the barriers of time and age.  Thank you for showing me that it is possible to fall in love everyday over sweet nothings

  It was love that pushed you to learn how to drive me.  I still remember how you struggled to handle me the first time. But the driver wouldn’t give up. Neither would I for I have always yearned to see my king and queen take their rightful place in this humble abode.

It’s one of your wife’s simplest wishes. The joy that lights up her face when you drive me is a moment I have been waiting to see ever since I understood the depth of the love that exists between the two of you.

The two of you aren’t just made for each other. You are mad about each other the madness that has survived the test of time and the ever increasing grey hairs. I wish I could breathe to savour that air that relishes the breath of your love. I wish I was a living being to embrace you both and cherish the love.

Love it’s simplest form is pure ecstasy the kind of love that allows you to understand the depth of those smaller moments of happiness in your everyday existence.

I am hoping you would still treasure me as an old souvenir after I age. In case you decide to leave this world before I am hoping the one who takes your place treats me like you did.

With loads of love,

Your ever loving.

Premier Padmini.




Kanda Naal Mudhal – One of my most favourite love triangles ever. Love triangles aren’t something new. We have seen it before and after Kanda Naal Mudhal. But KNH decodes the phrase “MEANT TO BE” so beautifully through three characters undergoing conflicting emotions at different points in the narration. It is one of the rare movies where the Eternal American groom walks away with the best dialogue in the movie. I replay the dialogue again and again till date. A re-assuring short sentence accompanied by a contagious laughter as Yuvan Shankar Raja takes over to give a fitting finale to a warm hug.


She’s a disgusting little brat. I don’t want to see her face again ever. Oh wait it’s her again after all these years. Some people never go away.  Why can’t she leave me alone? Why can’t she let me be? She’s almost like an unwanted intruder. She suffocates me and to top it all my best friend wants to marry her. I must save him from this disaster.

Even if I try to push her away she keeps coming back again and again. I guess time changes perceptions for I find myself yearning for her presence.  I do what I can to help her, to make her comfortable and stand by her through thick and thin. Why do I keep doing this when I am supposed to hate her?

Is it really hate or something else. Hate seems to mask something more beautiful which is growing within me – Love. She’s like an echo which reverberates everywhere. I guess I never really hated her.                                                                                                                     

Why did it have to happen this way?  There’s a family who value my presence. There’s my best friend coming back to marry her yet I am hopelessly smitten. The obligations and barriers don’t matter anymore for it’s too late to re-write this quirky twist of fate. I don’t want her to vanish. I don’t want to let go of this wonderful bond that can see through the mask of hate to re-discover love again and again. She’s mine forever.


Idiot! Yes that’s what you are. It took you this long to figure out that we were always in love. Oh yes there was a time when I underestimated your presence in my life. But the fault isn’t mine. You were the one constant in my life and I took for you granted.

Idiot! Here I am pouring my heart out and all you can think of is how to re- unite me with your best friend.  Don’t you feel my pain? Does he even deserve a space in our lives?  I know he means a lot to us. But for me he’s just a third person who had a small inconsequential  role in my life and when it comes to US he’s nobody.           

Idiot!  Here I am willing to move away and start a new life and you want me to be a part of your life again. It took you this long to figure out that we were meant to be. I am breaking down yet again.  But there you are re-assuring me with the warmth of your embrace.  Come walk with me for the rest of my life.

Oh yes you are my sweet idiot!


Oh! What’s with these two? I have known them from the time hated each other. Why do I see them differently today?  He’s stealing away my bride to be yet I am filled with happiness. I am not worried about my Mom back home who is awaiting my arrival for this moment is magical. The sense of fulfilment that fills my soul reverberates in the form of a contagious laughter. I see a rare spark, an unknown connection which binds two hearts together.  Some of us re-phrase it in a different way. We call it “CHEMISTRY”                                        .                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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