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A short film which scratches the surface of a burning issue which often goes unnoticed and still remains an untold story except for a few isolated voices – CHILD MARRIAGE. I see the whole narrative differently. It is all about those voices that don’t have access.

For most parents, marriage remains an obsession especially when it’s a girl child. From the moment she is born the timeline for her marriage begins. What should ideally be a moment of joy turns into an uneasy burden as the parent merely goes through the motions until the burden is lifted.

We are atleast gifted with a platform which enables us to fight for our choice but what about those unheard voices in the remote corners of our country. And trust me there are more girls out there whose only option is to surrender. A soul filled with a million dreams just withers away into oblivion.

I ask myself the question which has haunted me very often. Is there a Way out? Though I want to sound optimistic the answer remains a stern NO. It will take another hundred years before the girls get a chance to scream their dream to the entire world. Until then all we can do is hope. Maybe it’s not all gloom and doom. Things may change one step at a time through a million small initiatives.

The short film as a whole worked well for me because of that lovely song and soul-stirring lyrics which still haunts me even as I write this.

Do watch it in the link below



DORA is an overused gimmick. I have always found Nayanthara just plausible. MAYA worked primarily because of the engagement factor. When you mount a premise taking into consideration the leading lady’s aura alone at one or point or another you are bound to mess up.

Dora is a film filled with excess cliche. Thambi Ramiah’s mundane comedy – check. Stand Alone scary moments – check and more importantly a glossy Nayathara who is all decked up like a doll irrespective of the film’s premise – Check. The tag of lady superstar is a little too heavy for a plausible actress.

Horror in excess is an unwanted tragedy. Horror is supposed to scare you but most of us find horror comical these days. Blame it on Kollywood’s horror obsession.

Though I appreciate Nayathara for her choice of films lately I see a hint of narcissism in her choices where she is the be all and end all of a film. When narcissism shows it’s ugly head the audience will slowly start to distance from the protagonist. The joy of rooting for your favorite protagonist is lost and that to me is the saturation point for an actor.

I find Parvathy and Nithya Menen far more compelling than the supposed lady superstar.

Skip dora – You will miss nothing. Kavan is a better choice this weekend.


First and foremost kudos to KV Anand for taking on such a serious and sensitive subject and altering it with his trademark touches.

A little deviation would have given it a boring documentary feel. I found both Anegan and Maatran underwhelming for both the films started to stretch on and on to the point of desperation. But here you don’t feel the stretch because of an interesting ensemble of actors who are very sure of their space in the larger narrative.

The first half screams Vijay Sethupathi and the actor ups the ante gloriously especially towards the last few minutes of the fast half. For an actor who has made a career playing second fiddle, this is an interesting shift. The hideous wig is an unnecessary distraction and could have been avoided. The in your face digs at media houses and reality shows are applause-worthy.

The second half turns into a one on one between good and bad with a line up of trademark KV Anand twists one after the other. To KV’s credit, he gives each of the cast members their moment of glory at different points in the story.

The only sour part is the antagonist who looks too phony and comical to be considered a serious opponent. His lip sync issues are a little too obvious to go unnoticed.

It felt good to see TR back as an actor and he fits the role to perfection. But what was the need to turn him into a mimicry artist when he can rock in his own voice.

Pandiarajan – Talk about using a person’s physical attributes to denote a change in personality. Those innocent eyes and short frame come in handy when the innocent lamb turns into a sly fox and takes charge of the proceedings. Madonna Sebastian has dubbed in her own voice and emotes well. The rest of the cast take turns to leave their mark.

Hip Hop Tamizha is in auto tune mode as always but the Bharatiyar re-mix does leave a mark. K V Anand makes use of interesting bits and pieces and converts them into an interesting whole within a crowd-pleasing template and it works big time.

Go for it.Definitely one of the better Commercial Tamil Films of the year so far.



‘’THE DIG WANTS TO MEET YOU”. For a brief moment Manikam’s eyes speak a different language. All the bottled up emotions conveyed through those powerful eyes. It’s an uneasy situation but he plays along like an innocent man filled with fear

The DIG waits in anticipation. Who is he going to meet? An old friend or foe or a stranger he never knew. The past flashes before his eyes as he taunts the stranger. How is your new Job ? He asks hoping to peel off the mask but Manikam doesn’t give it away. He retains the tone of innocence and acknowledges the person in front on him without giving too much away for us as an audience. We are left wondering the nature of their relationship.

 But what has always fascinated me as a fan was the next question. I hope your kids and wife are fine ? In hindsight it is nothing but a simple query but Manikam’s answer gives us the first hint of how lethal he could be if he wants to. He just answers I am not married yet which implies everything is the same as before.

Nothing has changed. He would not hesitate to re-visit the past if he wants to.
The commoner walks back like the king he once was even as the DIG flips the first page of a glorious past. The fear in the policeman’s body as that Iconic name is uttered. He’s long dead? Why do you want him now? Is he? Let’s wait and watch for the impressions of the past always come back to surprise us.


Baasha to me is one of the greatest commercial flicks of all times. A movie which would re-write the masala movie template. Ever since Baasha happened both Tamil and Telugu cinema has shamelessly thrived on pale imitations of our Superstar re-using the same post interval transformation again and again. Ajith’s vedalam is the most recent re-hash. I don’t know how many more we are going to see in the coming years. Where did it all begin?
That iconic discarded scene in Hum.

A dejected sister. Her aspirations of becoming a doctor shattered. The brother intervenes to alter a foregone conclusion. He doesn’t resort to melodrama or over the top dialogues. He begins almost casually teasing his unprepared opponent with Enakku Innoru Per Iruku. And then Suresh Krishna cleverly uses film negative to give us a glimpse of his dark past. The anticipation soars even as we yearn for a full view. In fact the entire film thrives on the clever usage of black and white film negative images to showcase transition and transformation. Cut to the present and the dynamics have changed. A shell-shocked opponent is rendered speechless while our Super Star uses subtle changes in body language to convey the character switch. If this isn’t acting what is ?

The scene closes out with the iconic Naan Oru Thadava sonna or so we think. But in hindsight the closure is attained when he steps out. He steps in and Steps out as Manikam. The brief transformation happens behind closed doors. The chairman doesn’t reveal the truth neither does Suresh Krishna. He keeps the glorious reveal under wraps until that awesome interval block.



There are numerous tales of theaters being torn down when the Superstar gets beaten up. I want to travel back in time to see the audience reaction for this particular sequence. It’s your  demi-god and the one you look upto and he is being beaten up. 

The interesting part – he isn’t forced into submission. He volunteers to be the sacrificial lamb on behalf of his younger brother. You want him to fight, to give it back but he doesn’t. holds back even as nature cries on behalf of us.

One particular line “Easu Pola poruma paru”. It’s vanity and a bit of indulgence but you don’t care. Even the fact that his innerwear changes colour with every frame doesn’t bother you as an audience. You yearn for a retaliation which never happens. 

The crushed glass piece in the hands of his right hand man, the silent glimpse of an aid from the past or the sheer helplessness of being mere spectators as the master retains his simple childlike smile. The entire sequence is done and dusted but yet again Suresh Krishna gives a glimpse of what is to come with a simple question. 

Do you ever get angry? And what happens after that is absolute beauty. The star answers with his trademark iconic laughter. A laughter which conveys a milion other hidden emotions. Is it even possible to do so but Rajini does it with so much ease. The calm before the storm.


One of the greatest achievements of Suresh Krishna is how he constantly brought out a perfect amalgamation of the actor and star who lies hidden within the Superstar and Baasha will always remain his greatest achievement. The fact that a discarded scene in the North found such a powerful voice down South is perhaps one of celluloid’s greatest Miracles and the perfect ode to those Commercial Potboilers down South. The fact that the same plotline has been re-hashed N number of times without much success is testimony to the charisma of the star. 

In hindsight Baasha works because of the way it successfully teases and taunts the viewers throughout the entire first half with carefully placed applause worthy sequences and best part is the way the negative is used to go back and forth and the film doesn’t even need it’s antagonist to make a statement who comes into the picture only in the second half.

A film always has liberties to tease, taunt and haunt the viewers until the big reveal. The reveal which could transform a Superstar into a Demi- God and a man of the masses. For most of the first half Rajini constantly shifts between a softer feminine side and the dominant alpha male with remarkable ease pulling the entire audience into the narrative. We are all prepared to wait and watch and when the wait is finally over it’s sheer ecstasy on screen.

The way the pre interval sequence pans out is an interesting lesson. He doesn’t come into the picture until that pivotal moment when his sister lands in his arms with blood on her face. The mask doesn’t come off on it’s own. It’s pulled out by force and he’s left with no choice but to retaliate and bring out the animal instinct within him. The mask transforms into a shield of protection as the Alpha male takes over. The tone shifts from mockery to bewilderment and awe as the volcano within Manikam explodes. Years of hidden fury is revealed as he utters “ Ulle Po”. How easily do those eyes shift from fear to anger in a split second? Hell breaks loose. Does it end here? No absolutely not. It’s the beginning. It’s payback time.And what a payback it is the wait is over for him and us as gives it back in the only way he can. The look of joy in the face of his comrades as they kiss his hand after a worthy duel is priceless. The king is back to claim his throne. Baasha is back. But there’s more to this tale than what we have seen so far.

The final flourish the grand finale to set up for the events of the second half. A flourish which continues to reverberate ever after all these years.

Lights fade, the noises die down as the Camera focuses on the Superstar and his fans alone. Everything else becomes inconsequential it’s him and us alone as the voice utters those iconic lines.
நான் ஒரு தடவ சொன்னா, நூறு தடவ சொன்ன மாதிரி.

Ah here it is! The moment of ecstasy and awe. A once in a lifetime amalgamation of the perfect culmination and preview as one of the greatest pre-interval blocks come to an end.


 How do you define Swag, Style, Magnetism and Energy ?  Is it even possible to merge all of these in a single frame to give a different shade to a forgotten past ? That’s what happens when our favourite don decides to reveal himself. Even as his own sibling bombards him questions Manikam retreats to reveal the untold secrets.

He closes the door of illusion to re-open the real world.  His world which was forged on the foundation of friendship. And just when he thinks he could thrive in this world with his dear friend and family.  Fate forces a re-vamp and thrusts him into the limelight by pitting him against an unlikely enemy – Mark Antony.

And to win against his all conquering opponent he needs a dual identity. An identity which could effectively merge two personalities into one and give him the aggression that he seeks.  Mannik Baasha is born – a voice for the oppressed. The crowd has a new leader to root for. A leader who put an end to the reign of terror and signal a new dawn.

That moment when the negative fades to reveal the real person  is when the euphoria begins as SPB goes full throttle with Baasha Paaru. The command and poise in the walk of our favourite hero is still unmatched.  A never before seen celebration begins. A celebration which would last till Kollywood decides to wind up.















Bala – A master in discovering stories filled with melancholy and loss. He gave us Vikram , Suriya and brought the best out of plausible actors. Remember Sangeetha’s star turn in Pithamagan. As much I loved him in his earlier days. I hate him now. And whenever his movies play on TV they make me cringe. I will tell you why.

For a long time, the masses have been quite dismissive of the power of the visual medium to tell compelling stories. Stories which could make your jaw drop, stories which could make you think and stories which could take you on a trip to fantasy land. Very few film makers have mastered the art of finding the right balance and give the audience a wholesome experience. Bala was one such filmmaker who could do all the three within his template. I adored him for what he was but I shun him for what he is

It is very sad to see a film maker succumb to narcissistic temptations. Narcissism is fine. Kamal does it, Vikram does it but a creator owes his audience some breathing space.  You don’t shove a masturbatory product which hardly sells or makes the crowd root for you. The audience deserve some empathy too.

Take Naan Kadavul for example. We do know what lies beyond the simple act of begging on the road but is it necessary to explicitly show everything that happens behind the scenes. I almost felt like Vomiting in front of the screen. That was strike one.

And then came Avan Ivan. What the fuck was that?   It seemed like a half-baked attempt at redemption. The worst part was cheating Vishal that he could actually be a fine actor. That scene where he brings out the Navarasas in his face was unintentionally hilarious   Strike Two

The third strike was inevitable especially when the film turns out to be an ode to gloom and doom. You don’t walk into the cinema hall for a doomsday prophecy.Red Tea became Paradesi and my eyes turned red with anger.

I am done Bala. I am done with you. Even the small flame of hope that was lit up within got extinguished by itself. I am sorry I no longer fit into your world and I bet most of us don’t.

Farwell my favorite creator. It’s time to let go. I fucking hate you.



There was a time in Tamil Cinema when Illayathalapathy Vijay was the undisputed king of romance. It was an unconventional pairing which clicked for he didn’t have the looks or the charm that he has now. But it was a pairing which he worked where he explored every possible theme under the romance genre. When people say Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and unrequited love I am like have you guys even had one glimpse of that epic climax in Poove Unakaga. What makes this even more commendable was the fact that he was an actor with limited acting chops back then. His Lip sync to songs was almost like a murmur. But he grew as an actor over time but unfortunately Thirumalai happened and we lost out Vijay the romantic hero to Vijay the mass hero. The Vijay movie template came into existence and epics like Thirupachi and Sivakasi got made. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy some of his mass movies but my heart still yearns for the romantic hero that Vijay was.


This isn’t the end. This is just the beginning of a lifelong bonding between love and me. Some treasures are meant to be hidden. The world is blissfully unaware of what you mean to me. To them I have the lost my battle of love. But I have won you over in my world.

Sometimes winning isn’t a life time with your loved one. It is a life time filled with memories of your loved one. I am no longer a part of your world but you will always be a part of mine till my last breath.

There’s a constant battle within as I hold on to you but I cherish the win every day.  My heart isn’t yearning for you for you are a permanent impression within me. You are Me

I haven’t given up on you. I never will. You seek solace in a safer abode.  I promise you that our paths will not cross again but will always remain my destination.


My whole world is crumbling around me. There was a time in my life when I yearned for your presence every single day. It was a relentless yet hopeless pursuit. Our hearts never merged yet I was clinging on to love like a hopeless fool.

My desperate cry for a soul mate went unheard.  Cupid chose to remain a stranger even as I remained ignorant of the chaos around me. All that mattered to me was a single nod of approval from destiny.

I let go of life’s little pleasures for those few moments with you. My soul was repeatedly blindfolded as I held on to that tiny flame of hope within me but this fool’s pursuit has led me to the depths of despair.

It’s time to move on beyond the confined space. It’s time to see the world. It’s time to let go. The irony is love is chasing me today and is desperately clinging on to me but I have moved on. I have found redemption in an alternate universe devoid of love.





Will you ever forgive me my love My heart yearns to re-live those last few moments with you but death is knocking at my doorstep.  I am not a traitor. I never was but the mask that I wore was the only way I could reach out to you.

And before I could realise this mask became me. I was blinded by obsession and fear, the fear of losing you.  Nothing else seemed to matter as I relentlessly broke down every hurdle that threatened to separate us.

I knew the consequences. I knew one day you would see through the mask and peel it off layer by layer. But I was desperate to hold to you for eternity for I was hopelessly in love with you before you embraced the mask.

Forgive me my Love. I am not stranger or a traitor. Let me embrace death knowing that you  still love beyond the mask. It’s time to answer the creator’s final call.


Oh come back to me my love. My heart pleads for you. I agree I made a mistake. We all slip at one point or the other but we deserve a second chance at happiness.

You are moving away and I don’t blame you for I was a fool blinded by the materialistic instincts of the west. I merely saw you as companion until I realized your worth.  But now I see you as my lady love. I wish you could hear the voice of my soul.

Let’s welcome the little one together. It’s time to re-discover love. Let’s toss away the regrets of the past and move towards our happily ever after.

I promise to be a fool again. A fool who is hopelessly in love with the one who completes him.


I wish there was a way to open the mind’s eye for you see me differently whenever I open up to you. You see me as a stranger. But I am not the stranger you perceive me to be.

Here I am waiting for you with the perfect song but you still hold on to that one false note. Perhaps those lovely pair of eyes are a diversion for the moment you close your eyes you hold on me becomes firm There’s a renewed confidence that the stranger whom you once despised will take you to where you ought to be.

The mind opens and the false note disappears. The soul composes a lovely melody. Have no regrets for this stranger is still waiting for you. Let the eternal melody of love fill our life with love and joy.





We were cupid’s favourite children.  We were meant to be even before our paths crossed. But destiny took it’s time before we actually met. But the bond grew stronger day by day. We were inseparable.

But Cupid had other plans as we let ourselves to be blinded by our egos. An imaginary veil separated us. Friends became familiar foes even as we distanced ourselves from each other the soul was yearning for a union.

I am no longer prepared to wait. Let’s throw away the cloak of ego that threatens to separate us and find our own bliss in each other. Let’s fulfil cupid’s wish and fill his soul with lasting happiness.


I always thought I was the one for you. But I was wrong, You had a past, a lovely past in which you were the only one for them their guardian angel. I am not letting you go I am merely taking you back to where you belong.

I merely wanted a space in your world but you were willing to forego your fortress of love to pave way for my own. The princess was willing to become the wanderer. But I want you to wear your royal robe again. It’s your kingdom filled with subjects who adore you.

I want to see you rule their hearts forever and lf letting go will make you the rightful heir I will do that and more for the happiness in their faces means much more than our bond of love.

Perhaps this is love too. A love which will lit the flame of hope for future generations. A love devoid of selfish desires. A love willing to spread it’s wings beyond the two souls that forged it.

Ah! But the kingdom needs a prince too. It’s a blissful union built on the foundation of sacrifice and hope. It’s time to rule the hearts of our people together


KALYANA SAMAYAL SAADHAM – Another underrated Prasannsa flick – An unlikely quest by the groom, the pre-wedding bliss and confusion and the diversion at the end for a charming finale had me hooked from beginning to end and that facebook song is one of my all time favourites .


How do I prove to you that I am your man?  I wasn’t ready for this unlikely quest. The hormones are working overtime even as time is running out. I want to hold your hands and re-assure you that things are going to be fine but the muddle within isn’t clearing up.

What if I mess up on the big night?  Is there a way out? I hope so for I want you in life as an eternal impression. I want to you as the sweetest foe that there could be. I want you as a friend to share and re-live those happier moments together.

The mess is clearing up. I see a future filled with sweet nothings and happier memories.  Perhaps being a man isn’t always about the big night. A journey with your loved one is much more than that. It’s all about standing by each other’s side through thick and thin.

Let’s move beyond the chaos and treasure the inherent simplicity of a blissful union. Let’s travel to a world which has only you and me. Let’s start over with a simple friend request.


This is a surprise. I was ready for the desserts. Even if the dinner isn’t good the desserts more than make up for it. But you have just treated me to a hearty meal.  Sometimes real life can be sweeter than fiction.

I wasn’t sure until that moment. I was all set for the grandeur. A grandeur which wasn’t my choice. It was thrust upon us even before we were ready for each other. But sometimes the unlikelest diversions lead you to where you want to be.

Even as the world was busy preparing for my partner in crime my heart yearned for something more. Luckily for me the partner moved away and you came into my life. I will treasure this moment forever the moment I found my best friend. Is there a greater gift in life than having a best friend who comprehends your wish list and secret desires?

I am glad I found you my dear bestie. You are the man of my dreams.


PS: It’s the grand finale tomorrow with a forgotten romantic hero of the 90’s. A hero whose films were synonymous with love and romance. A hero who explored every possible theme within the genre.  He was unconventional.  He wasn’t even a chocolate boy yet romance was his forte until… Who could be? Keep guessing while I come back tomorrow.



7G Rainbow Colony – One of the most poignant love stories to ever unfold on the silver screen. The usual undertone of misogyny prevails here too but you forgive those lapses as the film moves towards the actual message it intends to convey.  The latter half of the film especially the finale is sheer poetry on screen. Selvaraghavan has that inherent gift of switching the dynamics of the sexes as and when he wants to at different points in his narration. This is a personal favourite because of the sub plot between the father – son. Maybe if Dad was alive he would have been mighty proud of where I am today.  


I love you. I have said this many times before but this time those three words have a different meaning. Those 3 words signify the purpose of my existence.  I did force my way into your life without second thoughts for I knew nothing about the ways of the world. I was content on being ordinary. I was content on being a filthy unholy mess.

I had no idea that my clingy nature and impulsive reactions would shake and transform the core of my existence.  The moment your heart said yes you began to touch my life in a hundred different ways holding on to that faintest glimpse of hope.

You gave me my alternate universe. It isn’t my universe anymore. It is ours. It is a universe which transcends time and space to decode the language of the soul. It is a universe which paves the way for the divine union of the soul.

Love can make a woman do strange things.  It can transform a filthy unholy mess like me into a holier than though. I would be lying if I say I miss you.  I don’t for you are in me. YOU ARE ME



Some NOW and FOREVER stories are meant to be different. There was a time when I hated your presence. Don’t blame me for you weren’t an easy choice. It wasn’t easy to find my way through the mess that you actually were.  But now I am mighty proud of how you have moulded yourself for us.

I don’t credit myself for the change for I only lit a hidden spark. You did the hard part of BEING THE CHANGE. I relish the new you day in and day out. I see a future for us in our own lovely world.  I do agree my body decided to break up with me a little too soon but then our love story never meant to be ordinary.

I love the constant hide and seek we play with the rest of the world.  Don’t worry they will never find us together for eternity.  We are happy and safe in our own little world.

Don’t yearn for our re-union just yet. Don’t stretch the barriers of time. There’s a lot of unfinished business back home. I will be there by your side guiding you throughout the journey. And when the journey is done I will call you to the other side for our own HAPPILY EVER AFER



I was critical of Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum when it came out. I still am.  Nalan changes the context of the pivotal scenes in the movie by re-writing it for the Tamil Audiences. It made me cringe. Perhaps it is our fault too for we have never been warm enough to embrace the bold and the beautiful.  Looking back the re-written scenes look like a minor blemish for Nalan retains the eternal beauty of those unspoken words in a stunning finale. I desperately hope that Tamil Cinema does more of this where love transcends the boundaries of language and retains the subtleness of the one emotion that has reverberated on celluloid over the years – Love


I am where what I want to be. It is often said life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes the weirdest of choices lead you to your destination.  In my story the choice was an aimless wanderer who wanted to be the king. To him it was his moment of redemption but to me it was merely a false note for beyond the noise of his empty dreams I saw a heart willing to embrace the beauty and stillness of life

His role in my life was a constant question mark until he disappeared. This untimely twist didn’t shock me for he had unknowingly moulded me into a stronger person. I was prepared for his exit for he had given me everything I wanted.

Do I miss him? While there’s a constant tussle between the brain and the heart as I struggle to answer this question the permanent impressions of the mind  seem to suggest that he is a constant invisible presence.

Destiny is a charming intruder. It can flip the pages of your past and re-write your present and future when it wants. I see him again sans the noise as our hearts converge.  If all those muddled choices could lead to this moment I will take it for it’s a rare win for both of us. A win that will linger as our bond grows over time.

I am where I want to be!


Where am I?  Why does this destination seem oddly familiar? It’s Her again. It is often said Time and Tide waits for none but in my cause Time seems to have paused to bring her to me. I know not what the future but seeing her again is a pleasant surprise. The struggles of past didn’t seem to matter anymore for I love this moment.

Who am I to her? A stranger a companion, an Eskimo dog or the solace that she desperately needed.  I guess I have been all of this to her at some point. Her presence washed away all the regrets of the past. A past which reminded me how naive I have been in seeking a kingdom which wasn’t mine.

My world is flawed as I see a lot of wannabe kings screaming for my blood. I wish I could tell them that their pursuit is hopeless. Blood never gives you the redemption that you seek. Love does.

I see through my chaos and decode her voice. A voice which calls me to the other side, the side of hope.  I no longer wish for the aura my past.  It’s all washed away as we cross paths again. I guess this is my moment of redemption. This was our moment.

I am where I ought to be!






I hated Sillunu Oru Kaadhal when it released. On the surface it seemed like a tale of two marriages and I was too young to grasp the depth of it’s finale. It is a fitting example of what a mesmerizing finale could do to the audience. I wonder why the movie’s director hasn’t got his share of the limelight yet.


Ever since I got hold of his diary there was an overwhelming urge to make his unfulfilled wish come true. The consequences didn’t matter for I loved him more than I loved myself and giving him what he deserved seemed like the right thing to do.

I was ready to give up on the one thing that I loved the most. I thought a re-visit down the memory lane would fill his soul with fulfilment.  But an unexpected miracle happened.    

My whole being is beaming with joy for I now realize he is mine alone. You were a cherished memory but I am the “NOW” and the “HAPPILY EVER AFTER OF HIS LIFE”. I am the permanent impression of his future.

Thank you for your words of re-assurance. I promise you that he’s safe with me till we breathe our last.


My dear sweetheart. I wonder what made you do this. You left us alone to re-live our moments but heart reverberated with only one voice “ KUNDHAVI, KUNDHAVI KUNDHAVI.

I had let go of her from the moment I fell in love with you.  She was just a forgotten past but you are my present. In those few moments together I was finding it difficult to let go of the look of desperation in your eyes when you left us alone.         

All I wanted to do was to hold you again and tell you that you are my world . You, Me and our Little One is all that I want now for this is our home.    My heart no longer yearns for what could have been my alternate universe. My heart yearns for the universe which could rejuvenate our ever growing bond of love again and again.                                                  








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