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The whole of India was busy celebrating Krishna Jayanthi . It was just another day in the office for her. It was perhaps one of the disadvantages of working in an MNC. Atleast there won’t be the usual heavy traffic to bother herbut fate had other plans for Priya.

She boards the usual bus with Rs 100 in her pocket for the afternoon lunch. The nightmare begins.  The conductor moves around with the familiar cry of “Ticket, Ticket “.   “Anna 1 ticket to Olympia please”. The 100 Rupee note which was supposed to change hands is still in Priya’s hands as the conductor demands the exact change of Rs 7.00.  No Anna I don’t have the exact amount can you please take the 100 and give me the change”.

The look on the conductor’s face changes and so does his tone. “Give me the change or get down” he retorts despite having currency notes in his hands. Priya pleads again but the adamant conductor hardly relents as the rest of passengers laugh at Priya’s plight.

She decides to take things into her own hands. “Give me the change for the 100 or we can go straight to the police station .  You are a Public Servant and I believe I am one of the public. Do you want to put your job at risk for a mere 7.00 rupees”. The tables turn and the conductor meekly surrenders.

It’s a small isolated inside but I guess this is more than enough to highlight the lethargy of the people concerned.  They hardly care and we never question.  The issue doesn’t concern us is always a convenient excuse. Sometimes we need to raise our voice to set things right. A raised voice is much better than a meek surrender.