For all the hype surrounding the film, the movie is nothing but an insipid boring snooze fest which aims to put you to sleep without a sleeping tablet. It is a pretentious ode to a piece of history that doesn’t need a recollection especially at a time when women are staunchly standing up for equal rights. Deepika Padukone is gorgeous but her character pans out more like a meek surrender than a strong-willed woman whose story needs to be told.

The film is so Pro Rajput that it immortalizes and justifies their actions while the people belonging to other clans are relegated to the level of cringe-worthy beings. Exaggeration is all right but too much of anything is good for nothing.

SLB knows how to decorate his film but beyond that, there’s no heart, intent or purpose. Padmavat is one of his weakest films. You enter a non-veg hotel expecting a Biryani feast instead all that is left for you is Curd Rice. That’s what this film is. If Padman had hit the screens today Padmavat would have been a washout. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

If you are not a fan of SLB’s grandeur then you can skip it and wait for DVD. All that glitters is not gold. Oh, wait this film isn’t worth comparing to Gold. All that glitters is not the best impression of your fake necklace.