I was always a fan of Vidhya – the writer even before we knew each other.  As a writer, there’s  no greater joy than stumbling upon someone who can articulate things perfectly.  Over the past year, my mornings were mostly filled with re-reads of her posts. Of course, she wasn’t the only one. I have my own set of writers who are my solace when I fall short of ideas.  But I thoroughly enjoy reading Vidhya’s write-ups. I can sit back on a lazy morning and read through Vidhya’s post just to enjoy and admire her wordplay.  For almost a year I was merely a fan and it was absolute fun.

Ironically the writer became invisible once my timeline showed “You are now friends with “. For a while, I didn’t know how to react. The write-ups were missing and I found it very hard to form a connection or a bond. Fortunately, destiny had other ideas. It gave me a chance to know Vidhya the person a lovely soul who can be strong and vulnerable. She is someone who can lighten my otherwise serious day with her hilarious antics. She’s a welcome breath of fresh air in a mundane routine. All you have to do is to talk to her to realize how unintentionally funny she can be.

She taught me a very important lesson in splitting an artist and their real-life persona. More often than not we tend to evaluate a writer based on the way their words resonate with us.  In some cases, the words do reflect the writer’s personality but in most cases, it’s an interesting split where you have to draw the line between the reel and real.

Having known her for quite a while I am more in sync with Vidhya the person than the writer. A young teenage girl full of hope and dreams.  I am curious to see how life unfolds for this bundle of joy.  A little more faith with regards to the people in her life despite the ups and downs should work in her favor in the long run. What is life without a little faith and loads of love? People often say love happens for a reason. Friendships happen for a reason too.