For most people Parvathy is just an actress but to me she’s a mystery. In a country boasting of wannabe Queens here is someone who is effortlessly changing the dimensions of India’s leading lady.

Parvathy is an irresistible obsession these days. No other actress of the current lot has fascinated me this much. What makes her so different? What makes her tick? It always seems like she lives in an alternate cinema universe where none of her co-stars or the camera exist. It is always her and the audience.

She’s like that fascinating trip to dreamland for a movie buff like me. She’s like a trip that never ends, a trip that leaves a lasting impression beyond the echoes of the big screen. She almost always starts off as a stranger when the frame freezes to capture her first shot in a movie. You almost begin to wonder if it’s the same actress you saw in the other movie. But that’s the first step towards a wonderful transformation.

Slowly but steadily she sneaks into your soul and catches you off guard even as your eyes remain glued to the big screen. It’s like watching a magnificent piece of art mould itself. By the time the end credits roll that stranger whom you came across at the beginning is no longer there. You embrace and empathize with an entirely different person .She becomes someone you know. She becomes the person that you aspire to be.

As much as I admire Kangana and Vidya Balan they are almost always in your face. As an audience you know they are making an effort to be different. But Parvathy is different she can be anyone you want her to be. It’s like watching a magnificent piece of art mould itself with ease. The way she makes the audience empathize with the characters she plays on screen is astonishing. She’s always ready, always prepared to up her game a notch irrespective of who her co-star is.

Take Charlie for instance it’s a chauvinistic film which revolves around a male wanderer. But Parvathy makes you root for Tessa’s pursuit right from the start. Poo literally stunned me when I first watched it. Maryan and Ennu Ninte Moideen were beautiful. But it is always Sarah who is close to my heart.

Sarah of Banglore Days is an exception to all exceptions. A rare portrayal with a lot of heart and depth. And finally take off which is a beautiful ode to everything that Parvathy is as an actress.

From Gayathri to Sameera it’s been one hell of a ride with different personalities who are daring enough to give celluloid the shades it rightly deserves. The way she makes use of her eyes to fill the silent spaces in a narrative is a movie buff’s delight. Perhaps those eyes are her secret weapons which enable her to decode the transformation in a character’s arc and reach out to her audience.

In a space filled with numerous imitations aspiring to be number one it is heart warming to see someone so real and authentic walking away with a deserving applause every time she comes on screen.

I bow to thee my goddess