I wrote Kohli off both as a batsman and a captain when he started off. But he’s made me eat my words again and again until he transformed into one of those permanent impressions that I would always associate with cricket.

A lot of people mistake his relentless passion and intensity as an excessive show of emotion. But that intensity on his face matches every shot that comes off his bat. He walks the talk every single time like a true leader. When the captain is leading from the front every single time the other players in the team have no choice but to give their best.

There are no ways when it comes to Kohli. He bats, fields and leads as if his life depended on it. He approaches every match as if it is the last match he’s ever going to play. It is not 100 percent commitment. 100 percent is an understatement. Multiply it by 2 or any number you want and that’s what Kohli is 200, 500 or maybe 1000 percent.

And there’s that little thing called the willingness to learn. He rarely repeats mistakes. Once a bowler figures out his weakness he works on it and converts them into his area of strength.

His relationship with his former captain is a sight to savor. In all my years of watching cricket, I have never seen two players working together like Dhoni and Kohli do. That awareness of each other’s space the bonding and the friendship is a lesson for all aspiring captains.

He will probably retire as one of the greatest cricketers if not the greatest to ever play for India. Make way for the king. He’s arrived and he’s here to stay.

Happy birthday King Kohli!