This review wasn’t on the cards an hour ago.  Picking up Randomly Ordered for reading was an instinctive reaction. For starters, I loved note at the beginning which gave the readers an idea of what to expect. More often than not our working days are filled with set routines. Wake up, Go to Office, Finish the Day’s work, Come back Home and Sleep. It does like a mediocre day to the naked eye.

We seldom pause and reflect on the extraordinary sequence of thoughts that occupy our mind day in and day out.  From the time we wake up to the time we sleep our mind functions like a never-ending maze with each action and reaction resulting in a particular thought process. Randomly ordered amplifies an ordinary day in a person’s life by sprinkling it with extraordinary thoughts.

Randomly ordered is smartly written in the sense it packs in all the necessary elements to keep the readers hooked till the end. There is the Rajini- Illayaraja touch, a brief nostalgic time travel and more importantly it finishes with a flourish. Each Chapter is set in a particular time and my favorite is 1:35 PM. Read the novella and you will know why.

On the flip side the minor editing flaws, especially at the beginning, could have been avoided and a couple more chapters to nullify the huge time jumps would have made it a perfect read.

The author claims it to be an experiment of sorts but I believe it would appeal to everybody. All of us are used to the routine in our daily existence. Randomly Ordered adds a little bit of spice to our ordinary day. It is one of those nice, breezy, harmless reads which will make you feel good.

Pick it up if you love short reads which doesn’t take too much of your time.