I am indebted to this guy for a lot of things, for the number of times he’s saved me from a bad movie, for the number of times he’s literally pushed me to watch the good ones but more than that I am grateful for the sanity he brings to the movie reviewing space. Social media these days has literally turned into a space for one upmanship where people literally scream out the supposed flaws in a movie review if they don’t agree with a review. Ravi remains a rare exception. He knows his space and allows space for other reviewers without being too rude while contradicting a review or a movie opinion. It is a basic social media etiquette but not many follow it. That is my biggest take away from him. He is one of those rare souls who understand my passion for movies

Beyond that, there’s the number of delightful books he highlights on his timeline which almost makes me jealous of his collection. And then there’s that small life-changing event of NotionPress workshop. I say life changing because it gave me a few friends who are permanent impressions in my life. I have always admired them from a distance and it was quite fascinating to watch them in action from close quarters.

Ravi, I love the fact that you are taking your time for your first published work. Let me know when it’s done let’s celebrate together. I love the fact that you remind me of Po’s unassuming charm. I love how you remain so calm despite juggling with so many things. There’s no noise, no scream, just the silence of a person who is sure of his space and gets things done. I wish you well for all that is to come and I can assure you that I will be applauding for you when you get to where you want to be. We haven’t watched a movie together. Now that I have time on my hands we will plan a proper movie outing.

PS : Someday I am going to make you watch all the bad movies that you have missed so far.