It all started with a Kovai Sarala Voice over. Almost a perfect match. It got me curious and excited all at once. Cinema is often unforgiving to the personalities behind the scenes. While we celebrate the heroes and heroines who enthral us with their screen presence the voices that lend certain to the personalities we adore are forgotten. I don’t blame the audience. It is one of the few perils of celebrating a visual medium.

“What do you aspire to be?” I asked her one fine evening. The reply was immediate ” A voice over artist”.  “I hope you understand the perils of being a voice over artist ?”.  I probe further but she didn’t flinch even for a second. The reply was resolute and firm. “This is what I want to do “. 

I have an affinity towards people with passion. Their journey is fascinating.  The ebb and flow often inspires so many people along the way. And we don’t often credit these relentless souls for the number of lives they touch as they move forward. The drive is infectious.

I wasn’t too surprised by the way we connected. The fact that our conversations were always centred on our passion was a win- win for both us.  It kept me on my toes and helped me re-evaluate my own self every time we had a conversation.

I am a late bloomer so seeing someone start early gives me profound happiness and the fact that the passion is something which will always remain invisible irrespective of the hard work that goes into it makes it all the more inspiring.

I hope this journey gets you to your eventual destination Sinduja. Keep inspiring and best wishes for the journey ahead.