Another book was to be reviewed today but I ended up picking Priyanka Menon’s Served with Love.   Served with love is a delicious cocktail of the three things that often soothe a troubled soul – Food, Travel, and Love. For most parts the book stays true to the Indian Romance template and surprisingly it works very well to a certain extent. I guess irrespective of how many romance novels we read we will never get tired of love

Served with love is a tale of two troubled souls finding each other through love, food and travel There’s a precious fourth element as well which binds the two protagonists together. It adds colour, charm and cuteness to lovely romance. I will keep it under wraps for the readers to pick the book and cherish the fourth element.  Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter.

The positives – The details with regard to food make you yearn for your favourite dish especially the desserts – just not fair to the readers but it is delightful. The initial period of romance is pure bliss. The sought of romance that stirs your soul as a lovely curve adorns your lips. The teasing and taunting make you yearn for your own version of the same. The travel spots also strike a chord. 

The closure – The closure had a very special connect to me as a person. An unusual time skip gives a fitting finale. It brought back memories of the good old days.

The Negatives – For a brief period, the book becomes a cinematic cliché which could have been narrated differently or totally avoided to give a different tone to the events.

Pick up the book if you love Indian romances. At 176 pages it’s a short guilty pleasure which will make you feel good.