Sruthakeerthi’s presence in my life is almost pans out like a movie where the two of us had to join hands on an unlikely mission – To remind a common presence that she’s awesome. Trust me that was the toughest task assigned to both of us. Whenever the common presence faltered I had to literally scream “Srutha” which eventually became Sru

But we got used to each other beyond the common factor. What surprised me often was her clarity regarding what she wanted in life. I guess by the time she reaches my age she would have fulfilled all her dreams. At her age I didn’t even know what living your dreams meant.  

Her sanity was one of the few redeeming factors when I had an unnecessary slip up.  All seemed lost and I was preparing myself for a trip towards darkness. But she kept my spirits up with constant small reminders of all the good things in my life. Imagine handling two oscillating minds at the same time. It’s a nearly improbable task for a youngster but she did as I found myself again. She’s the first person who volunteered to sing my favorite song – An underrated Illayaraja number. My joy knew no bounds. Finally there was someone paying heed to my request.

I sometimes wonder how today’s youngsters hold it together when life tests them. Even as adversity tests them they keep marching forward with a rare confidence. But Srutha constantly reminds me things are not easy as they seem. The vulnerability of an aspiring youngster is still intact especially when she shoots those beautiful questions on Love. But as far as choices go I can be happily jealous of all her accomplishments so far and give her a warm applause.

Srutha I am guessing we will have to stick together until the drama queen grows up. So be there even if I falter and never ever doubt your space in my life. You have a special place in my life along with the other lovely souls in my life.

PS : My tryst with MOP never seems to end.  I am looking forward to meeting your older version soon. The meet up is long overdue.