What is to be done with Sathe ? One of the very few times you walk into a theatre expecting a play and walk out of an explosive dream. It was very soothing to see to people go all out to hold the attention of the audience for the entire time frame.

The first thing that stood was the way the play was paced. A leisurely start to help us know understand the thought process of the two antagonists. The play grows on you as you get in touch with their everyday struggles and joys and when it reaches the finale the eruption that follows is enticing and irresistible.

Sathe is a haunting and beautiful exploration of the moral tussle within the human mind.  The invisible third eye haunts you, unsettles you and forces you to reflect. The dynamics change with each passing sequence as the questions pile up.  You are in a dilemma. Whose side do you take  ?  Salma or Abhay ?

Abhay and Salma could be you me or anyone we know?   Haven’t we all dug a hole of self – pity for ourselves and fallen into it.  And we blame every Tom, Dick and Harry for the failure when the answers lie within us.  The redemption that we seek lies in how we choose to answer the questions that haunt us.

It felt good to see two actors bring the stage alive after all these years. What was the name of the actors again ? Oh I don’t know and I don’t want to know. To me they will always be Salma and Abhay.