There was a time in my life when I used to adore Ajith as an actor. An early filmography consisting of Vaalee, Kadhal Kottai, Amarkalam, Asai, Kandukondein Kandukondein, Mugavari and the 17 consecutive flops in between. I add the 17 flops because it is not an easy task to hold on to your space in the industry after 17 consecutive flops. 

Here was an actor who could underplay or go all out depending on the creator’s demand. Agreed they were merely impressions of the captain of the ship. But those picture perfect imitations made him almost a perfect understudy to his captain.

I go back to the day Dheena happened. Dheena was both a boon and a curse. A new fondness and connection was formed where his fans fondly referred to him as thala which became a tiring reference point in one film after another. It was a boon for the producers for it showed them they could mint money by making him walk on screen but that is where we lost Ajith the actor. Ajith the star was born.

There is no possible explanation for the way his fans adore him. His fans go wild even when he walks with an expressionless face and a salt and pepper hair which makes him look like an uncle to his pair. But we are willing to let go of all that just for a few good moments that could make us root for that magnetic screen presence and delightful smile.

I still don’t understand how it’s possible but that’s thala for u. It is difficult to decode this sort of blind adoration which shatters all his inherent flaws as an actor so you surrender to that guilty pleasure of clapping for him during those rare moments where he is a riot on screen. I miss the actor and I wish someone re-discovers the dormant actor someday.