It is easy to get carried away by Rajamouli’s supposed grand spectacle. I am tempted to dismiss the entire film as trash but something stops me.

Right from Vikramarkudu/ Siruthai/ Rowdy Rathore he has consistently decoded the commercial template with absolute conviction. Considering the fact that Telugu Cinema gets away with any form of big screen escapism Rajamouli’s efforts to mount the same formula film on a grand scale is commendable. He has raised the stakes higher and higher with each of his films. Bahubali the conclusion is gloriously commercial and plausible.

The clue to the success of the Bahubali Franchise lies in the obvious question which has plagued Bahubali Fans for the last two years. Why did Kattapa Kill Bahubali ? The actual answer doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that the onus was placed on Kattapa to make the audience anticipate the possible outcomes and not on the principal character Bahubali.

If the first part was all about Sivagami and Kattapa. Devasena takes over the second part and makes it her own from the moment her eyes show up on screen. All the crucial plot twists of the second part are a by product of Devasena’s firmness and courage. It is here that Rajamouli wins us over by giving Devasena, Kattapa and Sivagami the space they deserve. It is the supporting characters who give the film the much needed push.

Keeravani’s tunes are a delight especially the duet number. But I couldn’t convince myself to keep watching beyond a flashback which lasted for 1 and half films. It was almost like snapping out of a good dream. The finale was an unnecessary stretch.

It is not the best Indian film in terms of making or grandeur but it can be a starting point for film makers to convince themselves that they can translate stories which need to be told into a grand vision which can be a delightful masterpiece.

Despite the flaws for now this film deserves a trip to the theatres to witness those grand sets which bring the kingdom alive. But I sincerely doubt if this one will stand the test of time.