Thank you for the photograph my love. You have just helped me re-discover my lost treasure. No I am not talking about nostalgic memories of the past; I am talking about a future which has US in it.  You might consider it a re-start but for me our story has just started.  A forgotten full stop transforms into a coma. Maybe that’s how it was meant to be from the very beginning.

The soul remains the same, the soul which has started yearning for you after all these years. I love this sweet little surprise by destiny. Let’s hold on to each other till time bids farewell. Let’s look beyond the grey hairs and embrace love. It’s our only shot at a spectacular rejuvenation. Don’t crowd your mind with too many questions. Let’s walk together and I am sure life will always have an answer for our endless questions.

I surrender to the singular emotion which governs all of us at different points in our life. I always thought love had cheated us with a promise. But love had just taken a break until we found each other again. Let’s forget the grey hairs for the rest of our journey. I want you by side listening to my endless musings. Don’t worry about the loved ones around us. They will definitely embrace our story and pass it on to the future generations.

Our love story was never meant to be ordinary. We were too young to realize it back then. Let’s re-write the story and embrace the young spirit within us until it becomes a celebration for all the people around us.

Come to me my love. Let’s become young again.


Thank you for the letter!.  Fret not for I am always here.  Nothing has changed except the grey hairs. The sheer joy of re-filling my soul with love is priceless. It feels good to see my hopeless lover yet again. I merely smile at the lovely addition to your name “POWER PANDI”.  I guess destiny was tired of making you fight the odds all the time.  It’s time to surrender to love.

I guess time knew we weren’t ready to embrace each other when we were young. Life has gifted us an alternate ending which will be rewarding and fulfilling for both us. Don’t fret about being selfish for you are never too old to live for yourself. 

We all deserve our second chance at redemption. Don’t run away again for I am here waiting for your firm grip to hold on to me for eternity. Let the young ones fly towards their own destination as we re-discover our younger versions yet again.

Cupid has handed both of us a different role, a role which might pave the way for a wonderful permanent impression.  Our love story was meant to reverberate across generations. I love you. I always have and I always will.

Fret not for I am always here.  Fret not for time will freeze to complete our story.