Mani Ratnam – The genius, the guru and so on. I too agree he is one of the finest filmmakers of the country.  There was a time in my life when I adored him.

Irrespective of my own opinions on his inconsistent ideologies I always view a film in isolation to understand if the matches with my sensibilities as an audience.  Sadly Kaatru Veliyidai didn’t. It seemed more like a bland excuse of a film to cater to a certain section of the audience. I found the film flawed and put forth my opinion on the same. But the abuse I faced after that was unexpected.

Do you know who Mani Ratnam is?  What right do u have to criticize his film? So many questions and all I can do is laugh it off. As someone who is passionate about films I guess and if the film doesn’t connect with me I am within my rights to say it.

We all have our own opinions with regards to a creator and his creation. But since when did the creator become infallible. I can say Amen to a difference of opinion but social media fights and abuses for opinions on a film is a strict NO. And once a creator’s work is out for public consumption there is bound to be a criticism of the same. Outright bashing of those who are not in sync with your point of view is not right.

You are more than welcome to put your Mani Sir on the pedestal but I am within my rights to say he is no longer my kind of film maker. Thank you