Milestones are always very special. They are life’s way of reminding that you have achieved something significant. It also helps you set a new target for yourself. If somebody had told me that I would be completing 400 posts 5 years ago I would have laughed at them and I would have laughed at myself. But yes I am here.  At exactly the same time last year, I completed 300. A hundred blog posts a year is a good I guess.  

There are certain people in my life who keep the fan boy in me alive.  I am their fan first. The role of a friend comes much later. Most of you know I shared space with Malvika in Deccan Chronicle earlier this year. But we go back a long way. The connect happened even before I had my first interaction with her. It was my brother who first introduced Malvika to me. “Read this before you sulk again”. It was her first impression in the online space filled with a compelling story.

 It was my first tryst with an outsider. We usually look up to global icons who have gone through the same trauma and survived. But for the first time, I came across someone who could be a wonderful mirror of you, me or anyone else and it was very refreshing for I had finally found someone I could relate to.  Of course, she’s a global icon today but back in those days, she was just Malvika.

Her story became an obsession and before I knew it my house was filled with wallpapers of her quotes.  The fan boy in me was alive again and my outlook towards life took a beautiful diversion. The future didn’t look bleak anymore and the question changed from Why Me to Why Not. This small change has made a lot of difference.

 But the most interesting part in this whole story was the urge to meet her for before I could grasp her influence in my life she had transformed into a global icon. There was no way to reach out to her but I wasn’t going to give up. Just 5 minutes with Malvika would do just to tell her what her presence meant to me and get her autograph. That was all I ever wanted

But destiny had other ideas and Deccan Chronicle happened. The star that I admired from a distance had a new role in my life. I found a new friend and a mentor.

And yes someday when she returns home, coffee with Malvika will happen but until then I will happily cherish the bond we share and look forward to a future filled with hope.

Thank you Malvika for being the beacon of hope, thank you for the space that you have given me and for all the love that you have showered on me so far. Wishing you the best for the journey ahead.