A short film which scratches the surface of a burning issue which often goes unnoticed and still remains an untold story except for a few isolated voices – CHILD MARRIAGE. I see the whole narrative differently. It is all about those voices that don’t have access.

For most parents, marriage remains an obsession especially when it’s a girl child. From the moment she is born the timeline for her marriage begins. What should ideally be a moment of joy turns into an uneasy burden as the parent merely goes through the motions until the burden is lifted.

We are atleast gifted with a platform which enables us to fight for our choice but what about those unheard voices in the remote corners of our country. And trust me there are more girls out there whose only option is to surrender. A soul filled with a million dreams just withers away into oblivion.

I ask myself the question which has haunted me very often. Is there a Way out? Though I want to sound optimistic the answer remains a stern NO. It will take another hundred years before the girls get a chance to scream their dream to the entire world. Until then all we can do is hope. Maybe it’s not all gloom and doom. Things may change one step at a time through a million small initiatives.

The short film as a whole worked well for me because of that lovely song and soul-stirring lyrics which still haunts me even as I write this.

Do watch it in the link below