DORA is an overused gimmick. I have always found Nayanthara just plausible. MAYA worked primarily because of the engagement factor. When you mount a premise taking into consideration the leading lady’s aura alone at one or point or another you are bound to mess up.

Dora is a film filled with excess cliche. Thambi Ramiah’s mundane comedy – check. Stand Alone scary moments – check and more importantly a glossy Nayathara who is all decked up like a doll irrespective of the film’s premise – Check. The tag of lady superstar is a little too heavy for a plausible actress.

Horror in excess is an unwanted tragedy. Horror is supposed to scare you but most of us find horror comical these days. Blame it on Kollywood’s horror obsession.

Though I appreciate Nayathara for her choice of films lately I see a hint of narcissism in her choices where she is the be all and end all of a film. When narcissism shows it’s ugly head the audience will slowly start to distance from the¬†protagonist. The joy of rooting for your favorite protagonist is lost and that to me is the saturation point for an actor.

I find Parvathy and Nithya Menen far more compelling than the supposed lady superstar.

Skip dora – You will miss nothing. Kavan is a better choice this weekend.