Let’s Talk Life is special to me in more ways than one.  Every phase of life gifts you something helps you re-discover yourself as a person. Let’s Talk Life is that precious gift I hold on to whenever life hits me hard or whenever I feel low. I love the push that it gives me to rise up and shine again. Maybe that’s why I am too biased to the two main protagonists of this journey.

The transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly should have been an easy one considering I was the star kid and a very good orator at school. But what if the butterfly retreated to become a caterpillar again?  That’s exactly what happened in my case. The voice that could hold the attention of the entire audience for the entire duration was nowhere to be found as I lost myself in a maze filled with teenage desires. In hindsight, there was nothing wrong with my choices at that time.  It was just the hormones working overtime.

But you can never ignore destiny’s call for too long. Let’s Talk Life was one of those sweetest accidents waiting to happen. But I wasn’t prepared at all. Fortunately, it had two very good souls who had the guts to give a rare stage to a work in progress. Without their push, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am still a work in progress and will always be.  I am not a good speaker or a writer as yet but I do know how to get my point across. From that very special day till today it’s been a journey to remember. I might be good on some days or might mess up. But it’s always a win for the ones who chose to embrace me as one of their own.

There’s one permanent impression from Let’s Talk Life that I will hold on to for the rest of my life. “Never be afraid to give people that rare chance of sharing the limelight with you.  It’s ok if they fail you or grow beyond your own aspirations. It’s ok if they don’t acknowledge your presence after they fulfill their dreams. Irrespective of the outcome or the consequences the joy of being a stepping stone to all those who are struggling to fulfill their dreams is still unmatched.  Despite the slip-ups there will always be people who are eternally grateful that you gave them a chance when everyone else walked away”.