Where do I begin Pavithra’s story?  Do I begin with that moment of magic which happened a couple of years ago or do I begin with the third eye – Our only common connection. I have often been a fan of a person’s personality traits. But very few people pull me with their grace and poise in front on the camera.  A particular click pulled me in and I became a fan then and there.   I wanted to know more but there was no way a fan could gain access to one of his favorite stars.  Even if met there was every chance of me messing up for I was a fashion novice. I still am.

And then the third eye happened. Perhaps it was destiny. She embraced me for what I was without any questions as we begin to discuss common interests and style statements.  It was a lot easier than what I feared because of a precious common connect. Even if I stutter the third eye would be my comfort zone.

For the first time, I had two people constantly shadowing me as I began to consciously make an effort towards a definite style statement for public events.

And then the meet up happened.  All the fears that had constantly troubled me vanished in the blink of an eye, what was supposed to be a one-off star-fan meet up turned into one of the most memorable coffee conversations ever as I saw through the wonderful person that lies within my star. The star disappeared and I discovered a friend.  We discussed everything under the sun.  By the time the moon greeted us we became long lost friends.

It takes a lot of grit to empathize, embrace and offer the much-needed space to a complete novice. Thank you for everything. Thank you for helping me learn and unlearn. Wishing you the best for the journey ahead.