This is a sequel to yesterday’s post. I never do sequels but I guess exceptions do happen.  especially when the person in question is a fellow hatter. Yamini is everyone’s favourite person almost like that kid in school who is every teacher’s pet.

It took me a while to figure out why she’s a sweet exception. The first glimpse at Luz House didn’t give me any clue of the events that were to follow. I was almost dismissive of the way she sang that day. “Yet another singer. What’s so new?” Don’t blame me when an event presents you with an assortment of beautiful talents you tend to overlook some of them.

But the sequence of events after Luz House left me stunned. After a long time I saw a soul resembling my own, a soul brimming with love and appreciation. She made me realize the depth of my own actions. Every note of appreciation did actually make a difference to lives around me. It was re-assuring to see a mirror image from the other side. It gave me hope.

 Maybe it’s not all gloom and doom in this big bad world. Every time we meet there’s a rare connect. I guess that’s what happens when two like-minded individuals meet. She reminds me Venelope from Wreck it Ralph that charming lost glitch who re-discovers herself as the princess of Sugar Rush. That’s what Yamini is – the princess of happiness and joy. A lovely reminder of why this life can be a celebration beyond the chaos.

And the various modulations she does with her voice often leave me speechless. First impressions can be deceptive. Right now I am a humble fan of this infectious bundle of talent.

Yamini – Stay as you are! The world needs you.

PS: This is probably the first and the last of my sequels.