Avinash – The Hatman . I seldom highlight men on my blog for very few of them leave a lasting impression as much as my father did. Those are tough shoes to fill. But Avinash is a different story altogether. I owe him a big fat thank you for giving me my style statement. Those awesome film T.Shirts that you see during events are inspired by his hat.

He was one of life’s cutest surprises. There was a time I looked at him in awe for the many hats that he dons. I put him on a pedestal and admired him from a distance until Thirsty Pens happened. That was when I really got to know the warm person that he really was. I wasn’t ready but I guess he was to embrace me as a part of his life.

From his love for Hari movies, food, music, poetry and songs we share a lot of common interests but one thing that really stood out was the courage to stand by a choice.  Having acquired the same trait just recently I can really empathize with his dreams and aspirations.

For the first time the hat fits me and I really love it   I don’t know if I can ever write songs or poetry like him but I am trying. But there’s one concept that I stole from him. 14 days of love and the 100 days of love series which I am about to start were one of his many ideas. Maybe he will do 500 days of love. But I will never let him take away what is rightfully mine. I own all the copyrights for love posts don’t you dare touch it.

There are two things on my bucket list right now lunch and a vijay sethupathi movie with the hatman and write a song which finds a space in the HATMAN page.

For now Thank you for everything. I love you man.

You do know who is the next person