KALYANA SAMAYAL SAADHAM – Another underrated Prasannsa flick – An unlikely quest by the groom, the pre-wedding bliss and confusion and the diversion at the end for a charming finale had me hooked from beginning to end and that facebook song is one of my all time favourites .


How do I prove to you that I am your man?  I wasn’t ready for this unlikely quest. The hormones are working overtime even as time is running out. I want to hold your hands and re-assure you that things are going to be fine but the muddle within isn’t clearing up.

What if I mess up on the big night?  Is there a way out? I hope so for I want you in life as an eternal impression. I want to you as the sweetest foe that there could be. I want you as a friend to share and re-live those happier moments together.

The mess is clearing up. I see a future filled with sweet nothings and happier memories.  Perhaps being a man isn’t always about the big night. A journey with your loved one is much more than that. It’s all about standing by each other’s side through thick and thin.

Let’s move beyond the chaos and treasure the inherent simplicity of a blissful union. Let’s travel to a world which has only you and me. Let’s start over with a simple friend request.


This is a surprise. I was ready for the desserts. Even if the dinner isn’t good the desserts more than make up for it. But you have just treated me to a hearty meal.  Sometimes real life can be sweeter than fiction.

I wasn’t sure until that moment. I was all set for the grandeur. A grandeur which wasn’t my choice. It was thrust upon us even before we were ready for each other. But sometimes the unlikelest diversions lead you to where you want to be.

Even as the world was busy preparing for my partner in crime my heart yearned for something more. Luckily for me the partner moved away and you came into my life. I will treasure this moment forever the moment I found my best friend. Is there a greater gift in life than having a best friend who comprehends your wish list and secret desires?

I am glad I found you my dear bestie. You are the man of my dreams.


PS: It’s the grand finale tomorrow with a forgotten romantic hero of the 90’s. A hero whose films were synonymous with love and romance. A hero who explored every possible theme within the genre.  He was unconventional.  He wasn’t even a chocolate boy yet romance was his forte until… Who could be? Keep guessing while I come back tomorrow.