7G Rainbow Colony – One of the most poignant love stories to ever unfold on the silver screen. The usual undertone of misogyny prevails here too but you forgive those lapses as the film moves towards the actual message it intends to convey.  The latter half of the film especially the finale is sheer poetry on screen. Selvaraghavan has that inherent gift of switching the dynamics of the sexes as and when he wants to at different points in his narration. This is a personal favourite because of the sub plot between the father – son. Maybe if Dad was alive he would have been mighty proud of where I am today.  


I love you. I have said this many times before but this time those three words have a different meaning. Those 3 words signify the purpose of my existence.  I did force my way into your life without second thoughts for I knew nothing about the ways of the world. I was content on being ordinary. I was content on being a filthy unholy mess.

I had no idea that my clingy nature and impulsive reactions would shake and transform the core of my existence.  The moment your heart said yes you began to touch my life in a hundred different ways holding on to that faintest glimpse of hope.

You gave me my alternate universe. It isn’t my universe anymore. It is ours. It is a universe which transcends time and space to decode the language of the soul. It is a universe which paves the way for the divine union of the soul.

Love can make a woman do strange things.  It can transform a filthy unholy mess like me into a holier than though. I would be lying if I say I miss you.  I don’t for you are in me. YOU ARE ME



Some NOW and FOREVER stories are meant to be different. There was a time when I hated your presence. Don’t blame me for you weren’t an easy choice. It wasn’t easy to find my way through the mess that you actually were.  But now I am mighty proud of how you have moulded yourself for us.

I don’t credit myself for the change for I only lit a hidden spark. You did the hard part of BEING THE CHANGE. I relish the new you day in and day out. I see a future for us in our own lovely world.  I do agree my body decided to break up with me a little too soon but then our love story never meant to be ordinary.

I love the constant hide and seek we play with the rest of the world.  Don’t worry they will never find us together for eternity.  We are happy and safe in our own little world.

Don’t yearn for our re-union just yet. Don’t stretch the barriers of time. There’s a lot of unfinished business back home. I will be there by your side guiding you throughout the journey. And when the journey is done I will call you to the other side for our own HAPPILY EVER AFER