I was critical of Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum when it came out. I still am.  Nalan changes the context of the pivotal scenes in the movie by re-writing it for the Tamil Audiences. It made me cringe. Perhaps it is our fault too for we have never been warm enough to embrace the bold and the beautiful.  Looking back the re-written scenes look like a minor blemish for Nalan retains the eternal beauty of those unspoken words in a stunning finale. I desperately hope that Tamil Cinema does more of this where love transcends the boundaries of language and retains the subtleness of the one emotion that has reverberated on celluloid over the years – Love


I am where what I want to be. It is often said life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes the weirdest of choices lead you to your destination.  In my story the choice was an aimless wanderer who wanted to be the king. To him it was his moment of redemption but to me it was merely a false note for beyond the noise of his empty dreams I saw a heart willing to embrace the beauty and stillness of life

His role in my life was a constant question mark until he disappeared. This untimely twist didn’t shock me for he had unknowingly moulded me into a stronger person. I was prepared for his exit for he had given me everything I wanted.

Do I miss him? While there’s a constant tussle between the brain and the heart as I struggle to answer this question the permanent impressions of the mind  seem to suggest that he is a constant invisible presence.

Destiny is a charming intruder. It can flip the pages of your past and re-write your present and future when it wants. I see him again sans the noise as our hearts converge.  If all those muddled choices could lead to this moment I will take it for it’s a rare win for both of us. A win that will linger as our bond grows over time.

I am where I want to be!


Where am I?  Why does this destination seem oddly familiar? It’s Her again. It is often said Time and Tide waits for none but in my cause Time seems to have paused to bring her to me. I know not what the future but seeing her again is a pleasant surprise. The struggles of past didn’t seem to matter anymore for I love this moment.

Who am I to her? A stranger a companion, an Eskimo dog or the solace that she desperately needed.  I guess I have been all of this to her at some point. Her presence washed away all the regrets of the past. A past which reminded me how naive I have been in seeking a kingdom which wasn’t mine.

My world is flawed as I see a lot of wannabe kings screaming for my blood. I wish I could tell them that their pursuit is hopeless. Blood never gives you the redemption that you seek. Love does.

I see through my chaos and decode her voice. A voice which calls me to the other side, the side of hope.  I no longer wish for the aura my past.  It’s all washed away as we cross paths again. I guess this is my moment of redemption. This was our moment.

I am where I ought to be!