Rhythm is a grossly underrated Vasanth Masterpiece.  If you look closely Rhythm is almost like an ode to his debut film Keladi Kanmani.  If you are watching Rhythm, it for the first time it might actually tire you. But the film does grow on you over time. The two leads underplay their roles with finesse even as ARR’s magic adds a different tone and depth to those meaningful pauses.

I will let Karthikeyan and Chitra take over as they write a letter to their loved ones in heaven.

Dearest Aruna,

I miss you even today but life has surprised me in a strange way. It has given me a chance to re-write my life the way you would have wanted. I guess this is the only way I can make it up to you for being oblivious to your fears while you were alive.

  I was too busy flirting with danger for the high that it gave was irresistible. I failed to see decode those unspoken fears. But destiny had given me a second chance to re-discover the life that you aspired for the two of us

She’s like the gentle breeze that stirs your soul when you go for a leisurely morning walk.  She fills my space with meaningful silences. Her presence fills my life with peace and fulfilment.  I have let go of the raging fire that was burning within. I have learnt to let go of grief and move.

There’s a new found thirst for love, life and happiness. I guess this is passion too of a different kind, the kind of passion that enables two wounded souls to look beyond the losses and move on in life.

I bet you are smiling from above as I move ahead in my new journey. Thank you being the most precious part of my memories.


                                                                                                        Your beautiful past.



Dear Srikanth,

It is often said our loved ones never leave us. I guess you are out there somewhere filling those invisible spaces with your re-assuring presence.  Our little one is all grown up now and we have a new home.

I have always been someone who has held back on emotions and life until you came along and showed me how to open up my heart to people. After losing you I retreated back to my shell until he came along.

Though I loved his warmth the past kept nagging me until the little one left me with no other choice. I had to embrace this stranger and make him my own. His grace and dignity has won me over as I follow your footsteps in embracing and living life to the fullest.

He holds my hand as we walk together and the firmness of his hold re-assures me that this is just the first step towards building a strong foundation of love.

                                                                                                   Your cherished memory.