Azhagiya Theeye –  I guess this is a surprise too. I know we rarely reflect on this film when it comes to romance but for me it’s an eternal favourite as Radha Mohan takes a detour from the usual romance movie template. In fact for most of the film love appears as a mere footnote to the aspirations of the protagonists. But a charming and delightful finale helped me re-visit the film with a different perspective. The film colours love with a different shade – The shade of dignity. The kind of love that is nurtured within, the kind of love that grows as you learn to hold on and see through the dreams and aspirations of your loved one.

I love movies which reflect on the movie industry, a dignified romance, Prakash Raj’s extraordinary cameo and one of my fav songs – Vizhigalin Aruginil make this a compelling watch.

What if Chandran and Nandini decide to write a Letter to each other? How would it be?. Here we go.

Dear Nandhini,

We have come a long way. Celluloid celebrates me as one of the finest story tellers of this era. But is there a more compelling narration then our own. Neither of us planned for each other’s presence but a hurriedly made up lie made sure that you were thrust into my life. I wasn’t prepared for this role that life had scripted for me.

A forced role doesn’t mean I had to sulk and play along. Why not re-write the script and give wings to each other’s aspirations and I am glad we made that choice together for I needed someone to come home to. A friend and a well-wisher who can help me learn and unlearn things.

Though I loved your presence my heart always yearned for that first big break in cinema. It was a struggle. But as I was struggling for that elusive chance the first seed of love was sown

The seed of love began to nurture itself within as I looked forward with hope.    I wasn’t prepared for the moment of revelation. I didn’t know that letting go of you would be difficult.

Thankfully we opened our hearts in that one elusive moment of magic. A frreze frame moment to be cherished for eternity the moment when my celluloid imagination had a perfect marriage with real life anecdotes of happily ever after.

 It made me realize one thing. You don’t plan on falling with a love with a person for love will make it’s presence felt when you least expect it. Thank you for being that one constant.

Your ever loving



Dear Chandran,

Your letter made me jump with joy. Who writes handwritten letters these days but that’s what makes you different. There’s a certain charm in the way you remind me of the old school values of the heart.

It brings back fond memories. It brings back memories of Murthy. What a fine actor he would have been if he was alive but some untold stories lend a greater depth to our own narration of life.

There was a time when I feared marital bliss which translated into a stern No but surprisingly ever since you barged into my life I have dared to dream of a brighter future as an independent soul.

I love the way you give me the space to fulfil my dreams and it’s been that ever since we first shared a space together. It helped us forge an identity and find each other.

Thank you for this timely reminder. I will re-live these words every time you are away on shoot.


Always yours,