Every decade has that one which film which shakes things up and paves the way for imitations galore. Kadhal Desam is one such film. Kathir deftly touches on the ever prevailing class divide that consistently plagues our society in a love triangle. It was my first glimpse of Tabu , one of the greatest actresses of our times. In hindsight Kathir spills the beans in the first song itself – the evergreen friendship anthem of our times but we fail to see until the eventual culmination. Is it even remotely to move and stick together despite pain and the loss of love. Perhaps that’s the magic of the dream factory called celluloid. It allows the maker to stretch his imagination as far as possible to gift a rare unification. The kind of unification that is possible only on the big screen.


Who am I?  An ordinary student filled with aspirations.  I am not sure what the real world has in store for me but atleast as a student I can dare to dream beyond my confined space.  Oh wait there’s someone from the other side. Why is he restless? It’s just a football match and a mere trophy.  Perhaps he’s not used to being at the receiving end. I am more than willing to lose again. It’s not the first time.  Neither will it be my last. Hopefully it’s the last time we face-off or does destiny have a different script. Am I hearing it right? He wants to share my space and be a part of my life. But do I let him or do I move away?  But he’s adamant on giving my life a different flavour, for the first time in my life l dream of a win.  It is often said that when life hands out a win we take it without question and savour the rare moments of victory. I take mine for it’s a rare bonding. We are friends for life

Dreams do come true one after the other. It’s my dream girl. How beautiful life would be with the three of us together. But I freeze whenever I see her atleast let me tell my best friend. He’s promised to reveal the identity of his loved one too. I can’t contain my excitement.

Am I seeing it right? Hopefully it’s just another bad dream like the ones I have had before. This is a nightmare. I wasn’t prepared for this.  Why does he have to fall in love with my dream girl? But losing isn’t something I haven’t experienced before.


Who is this guy? He’s just handed me out his one moment of glory. The coveted trophy should have been his alone but he’s unaffected by all the rivalry. Sometimes the smaller moments of life leave a permanent impression.

I see him yearn. I see through his unfulfilled wishes. Let me be the surprise element in his life. Let me surprise him with a warm hand of friendship. A friendship that will stand the test of time. I have had friends before but he’s the real deal with a lot of heart. He’s the one person who would genuinely happy to see the love my life. Let me tell him before I propose to her.

This isn’t happening.. I have just snatched his happiness away from him. It’s a face-off alright but he deserves a win atleast this time around. Let me be the one to give up and walk away. Perhaps life has a different choice for me, a different journey. But once again he shows me why he’s different he doesn’t want it end on a sour note. He doesn’t want me to move away. Why does it have to be like this? Neither of us deserves to lose


What would I do without the two of them? Ever since their arrival I have found two souls who could bring out the best in me, shower me with love and be a wonderful part of life. I never knew I was splitting a shared space. It shouldn’t end this way. Why do I have to choose? Isn’t there a way I could accommodate them both.  Why does it have to be ME and THEM when it could be US. It isn’t an easy decision but it might just be the right one. For now  it’s the three of us together finding solace in a rare bonding.