I have lost count of the number of times I have seen Mozhi and admired Radha Mohan’s finesse in dealing with a very delicate subject. Mozhi is a film which screams joy from Take One. It is a film about second chances. RadhaMohan makes us pause and reflect at exactly the right moments. In the surface it does seem like yet another love story between the two main leads but if you dig deeper there’s a lot to read between the lines.

Radha Mohan re-writes the famous catchphrase from It’s a Wonderful life in his own unique way “Even time the bell rings an angel gets it’s wings” becomes “Every time a bell rings love will bloom in your heart”.

 Archana and Karthik

He relishes music while she savours silence. Will the unconventional pairing work?  Only time will tell.  Her firmness is a trait which made him fall for her. He’s smitten. The fact that her world is filled with silence doesn’t matter for you need those small meaningful pauses and moments of silence to understand the depth of music.

Her world has changed.  It is filled with people who admire her for what she is. It is sweet and beautiful. She can open up for it’s her World. But will fate be kind or is there another twist?

OMG he’s managed to find her voice. It’s his Eureka moment.  He can’t wait to share this with her. He runs to her like an enthusiastic kid without realizing his blunder.  The first slip up becomes a catastrophe. Will he able to win her heart again?

She tought he was different. But they are all the same. Why did he seek to find my voice? If my silence doesn’t resonate with him he doesn’t deserve to be a part of my life.

With great effort he finds a space in her life again.  He’s managed to penetrate her silence and enter her world.  He wants it to be their world.  But she’s adamant.

An unknown fear grips her heart. For the very first time her wall of firmness breaks down.  She becomes fragile. There’s a tussle between the mask that she wears and her real self. There’s someone willing to open the gate of love for her. There’s someone willing to walk with her for the rest of her life.  But will it work out in the long run?  As the doubts begin to haunt her stream of tears take over, tears which wash away all her fears. She runs to him. It’s a new dawn.   It’s a perfect union in the presence of the Lord, The two souls become one.

Viji and Sheela :

He’s known her for quite a while.  The fact that she was able to come to terms with a horrible past move on and play a vital role in forging a bond between Archana and Karthik astonishes him. She creeps into his heart almost like an invisible presence.

The moment of revelation should have stunned him but it makes him and reflect. Almost all of us have a million untold stories within. A shabby past waiting to be re-written, the constant pressure of having to fit in a society filled with ridiculous norms. But we continue to resist the pressure and dare to dream of a better future. He has no second thoughts. There are meant to be.

 She sees him differently. She seems him as someone who challenges her to dream of a different future. He challenges the norms that exist. He breaks all the barriers with a simple proposal Beyond the initial shock his joy resonates with her. He doesn’t fuss too much about the next step. It’s instantaneous and gratifying. It’s gonna be a fun ride

  Karthik and the Professor.

My world has been the same for quite a while.  People laugh and I don’t know why. Sometimes ignorance is bliss It’s ok if the world has moved on beyond Azharudddin but I love my world as it is. My wife’s tears are almost inconsequential.

Oh wait there’s a stranger out there who seems familiar. He’s not a stranger. He’s my son.  Look at my son he’s all grown up.  How many times do I have to tell you to come home early? You are a little too late but atleast you have come home. I love the slippers that you gifted me. I wasn’t there when you grew up but you are constantly watching over me. The roles have reversed.  I am the child now.

Why are you so persistent? The mess within is clearing up.  A stream of tears has just broken down the wall of ignorance. My wife’s tears begin to make sense.  It’s time to let go of the past. It’s time to renew the bond I had with my son in a different way.